Lawrence Kansas Disses Edged Blade Freedom

Kansas knife maker Steve Culver's dagger, legal in Lawrence, Kansas bars as of July 1 (courtesy

“Lawrence city commissioners are refusing to change the city’s laws to comply with a new state law that allows people to carry concealed knives,” reports. “The commissioners on Tuesday criticized the law that allows people to bring switchblades, daggers and other knives into bars and public places. It takes effect July 1.” Yeah, well, tough titties. Kansas’ knife laws take preemption over cities and towns’ anti-edged freedom regulations. Which is exactly what Lawrence staff attorney Randy Larkin told the commission. He labelled any effort to enforce city knife regs “impractical.” The Commissioners said they voted against the new law to “indicate their opposition and encourage other cities to do the same.” And that, my friends, is democracy at work.


  1. Phydeaux says:

    Actually as local politicos, I don’t know that I’d call that an expression democracy – they’re just a different part of the government, apparatchiks.

    Now if citizens protested the new law…

    1. Duncan Idaho says:

      That is a terribly pretty dagger right there.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    I admit I’m not a knife guy, but I’ve never in my life seen/handled an actual switchblade. I think the lines have gotten blurred with the explosion of assisted openers in the last few years, but even so, I feel like this is a non-issue.

    When I bother to look, I’m absolutely amazed at the breadth and scope of knife regulations in my state and local area. I think half the knives I’ve owned in my life have been “illegal,” and I’ve never known anything that wouldn’t fit neatly under the description of “pocketknife.”

  3. MOG says:

    Some laws are made so you can be arrested when all else fails.

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Lawrence Kansas Disses Edged Blade Freedom

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