Link Dump: Boxing Day Bundle Edition

Boxing Day. Dustin Diamond. ICWYDT

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Hope at least one of you got a chuckle from the above. I am amused because it would be hard to find a less sympathetic defendant than Diamond. Even before he allegedly stabbed a man in a bar fight Christmas night, he seemed to be a pretty scummy bag of douche.

From what I have been reading, the victim is already back home, having suffered very minor injuries. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diamond get actual time for his offenses, Wisconsin isn’t Malibu, and he isn’t Lindsay Lohan. He faces up to 10 years at this point, and there can always be more charges filed. Diamond claims that he accidentally cut the man while defending his girlfriend. Even if his defense claim holds up, switchblades are illegal in Wisconsin.  (sorry, we are not up to Wisconsin yet in our Know Your Knife Laws series).

Enough digital ink on Mr. Screech. Below the jump we have more examples of Irresponsible Knife Use from all around the world. Two Israeli policeman were stabbed in the latest Knife Intifada incident, A knife-wielding man was killed after attacking police in Bedford, Ohio, while a suicidal man in Chicago succeeded in wounding a cop with a knife before being shot and killed. Finally in Britain, two teens have been arrested for stabbing a live Nativity donkey 12 times. Happy Boxing Day Y’all.

Video NSFW. Graphic.

As the saying goes, “Stabbers don’t show”. This guy just pounced. According to the Jerusalem Post, the perp is still at large. It looks like he was cracked a good one on the skull, but I wonder if the police were armed, and if so why they didn’t shoot (crowded and confined area maybe, ricochets could have been a big problem. I also wonder how there could be that many people around and not enough sheepdogs that the guy didn’t get mobbed (even though they would be unarmed due to Israels piss-poor (though possibly loosening) firearms laws.) But I can also see how the scene was very disorienting.


In our ongoing discussion of dead knife-wielders, I bring you two examples from the past 24 hours. In both cases the shootings seem completely justified.

In the first, a man returned home drunk Christmas night in an extremely violent state. From

“Hebebrand’s criminal history includes arrests dating back to the early 1990s. He pleaded guilty in multiple cases including to charges of felony assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and fleeing and eluding police, according to Bedford Municipal Court and Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas records.

According to the 9-1-1 call released by police Friday morning, the distraught girlfriend said that Hebebrand “destroyed my grandfather’s desk. He ripped everything. Christmas decorations.”

“Please, get somebody here,” the woman continued.

When a dispatcher asked if anybody was injured, the woman replied, “not so far.” She said “he’s tearing apart everything … he ripped the tree down. He threw it outside.”

What makes the case noteworthy to me, is that there were four officers on scene and they did try the Taser, which proved ineffective in preventing Hebebrand from charging them with a knife.

I have wrestled with the issue with police use of deadly force against knife-wielding suspects. I have no problem with police having a measure of latitude, they are put in a bad situation largely due to the policies of their political overseers. And there is a definite violent movement at this point that considers cops to be fair game. It is by no means representative of everyone who is protesting against police, but is a predictable outcome of a situation that has been irresponsibly handled by everyone from BO to Holder, DiBlasio to a runaway media.

I suppose I think the sweet spot is somewhere in the vicinity of the following: I think that if people have already been injured, like in this other case outside Chicago, or in the Synagogue stabbing in NYC, more latitude should be given. But in instances where no one has actually been stabbed, and officers outnumber the perp, there should at least be a less-lethal attempt made. I don’t know the answer, I just know that I respect law and order and those that are on the front lines protecting civil society. But I also feel that there is a cognitive disconnect between the institutional mindset of the police and those they are entrusted to serve. I would love your thoughts on this in the comments.



Finally, in the Bizarre Knife News category, two 17 year old thugs have been arrested after stabbing a live Nativity donkey. Cheeky, the 22 year old equine was stabbed 12 times in the abdomen. No motive is mentioned. Cheeky is expected to recover fully, but has lost her starring role in the live show.

From Empress.Co.UK:

“As well as being upset that Cheeky has suffered we are really disturbed. Our focus is on monitoring Cheeky and nursing her back to health.

“It is a shame that we are having to hide Cheeky away while she gets better because her appearance could upset the children who visit the farm at this time of year.

“But the show had to go on and all the other animals performed well without their friend Cheeky.”


Cheeky starred in a Live Nativity Show. The Tijuana Live Donkey Show is something entirely different.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I thought the Horshack in the vid was Arnold of Welcome Back, Kotter. Boy, am I disappointed.

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Link Dump: Boxing Day Bundle Edition

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