Tune In To “Talking Guns With Kate Krueger” This Sunday!

Image courtesy Kate KreugerAfter years of being told I’ve got a face made for radio, I’ll get a chance to prove it this Sunday. Kate Krueger has kindly invited me to join her for a segment on her weekly pro-gun radio show, Talking Guns With Kate Krueger, and I can’t wait!

Image courtesy Kate KreugerKate is a firearms instructor and onetime Libertarian candidate for the United States Senate. Kate is a huge supporter of self-defense and liberty in all its forms, so we’ll be talking about knives as well as guns.

She recently hosted Knife Rights chairman Doug Ritter (click here to listen) and her other guests have included professional shooter Julie Golob, journalist David Codrea, and Recoil editor/all-around awesome gun guy Iain Harrison.

Join us at 11:10 AM PST.


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Tune In To “Talking Guns With Kate Krueger” This Sunday!

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