Little Rock Museum Hosts World’s Largest Collection Of Bowie Knives.

Image courtesy Historical Arkansas Museum

If you’re a knife guy and you live within a day trip of Little Rock, you should put the Historic Arkansas Museum on your to-do list. Their special exhibit A Sure Defense: The Bowie Knife In America runs through June 22nd.

The Historic Arkansas Museum website describes their fascinating exhibit:

“This exhibit is the largest and most important ever done on America’s iconic contribution to the world of blades,” said Historic Arkansas Museum Director Bill Worthen. A Sure Defense: The Bowie Knife in America will trace the history of this country’s most famous knife from just before its birth in a rough melee on a sandbar above Natchez, Mississippi in 1827, to the skilled craftsmen who keep the classic blade alive to this day in the form of hand crafted reproductions and modernized versions.

Visitors to the public exhibit will have the opportunity to see knife designs associated with Alamo martyr James Bowie and his less famous brother Rezin, and to examine bowie knives once owned by such historic figures as Davy Crockett, Theodore Roosevelt, General Winfield Scott and John Fox “Bowie Knife” Potter. The role of the bowie knife in the Antebellum era is explored along with the Civil War and the opening of the west, and there’s a special focus on the role bowie knives played in the events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

The exhibit is believed to be the world’s largest collection of historical Bowie knives. Little Rock is a Little Too Far Away for me to swing by for a visit, but maybe a TTAK reader can catch the exhibit and send us a postcard?

Check out the museum website here.


  1. Aharon says:

    I know what I want for my next birthday present.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    I’d try, but it’s 13+ hours, and my car would probably get stuck in Anniston on the way. M1 Garand >>> Bowie knife.

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Little Rock Museum Hosts World’s Largest Collection Of Bowie Knives.

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