London Mayor grilled by radio host over out-of-control violence

london knife crime

Despite their rampant hoplophobia, one thing the Brits get right is their holding of political figures to account. Most famously, the Prime Minister regularly stands in front of the House of Commons and faces pointed questioning and more than a little heckling from the assembled Parliamentarians. Similarly, the British press does a much better job of sinking their teeth into politicians of all stripes as is exhibited in this grilling of London Mayor Sadiq Khan over the out of control violence in the capital. Especially since he made fixing the situation a cornerstone of his campaign.


LBC’s James O’Brien grilled the London mayor after a high number of teenagers were killed as a result of knife crime in 2017, despite it being one of Mr Khan’s biggest election pledges.

Mr O’Brien blasted the Labour politician. He said: “It’s the biggest number of teenagers killed since 2008 and it happened under your watch and this was a campaigning pledge.”

Mr O’Brien called the London mayor’s failure to tackle knife crime as “politically and personally disastrous” and called it “disgraceful”.

He said: “There’s no spinning it. There’s no getting out of it.



I obviously feel terribly for the families of innocent stabbing victims. That said, I am no fan of Khan’s public positions on a host of issues, and enjoyed watching him squirm a bit.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.




  1. American Idolator says:

    So welcoming 3rd world lowlifes, psychopaths, rapists, child molesters, and ISIS fighters isn’t a good idea? England DESERVES this. Hopefully they burn very fast, so the morons here can see what being PC gets you. Trudge in filth and you’re bound to get dirty. Or in this case dead, stabbed, or maybe just some acid tossed in your face.

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London Mayor grilled by radio host over out-of-control violence

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