LT Wright Bushcrafter HC: Best Bushcraft Knife Value, Now With More Sheath Options


There are now multiple sheath options for the LT Wright Bushcrafter HC

We have written about the LT Wright Knives Bushcrafter HC, calling it the best value USA hand-crafted bushcraft knife that we have seen. The knife has bead-blasted micarta scales and is a full tang piece of 3/32″ 1075 steel. The blade has a hand-forced patina to provide some corrosion resistance. All of this for just $75.

The only drawback was that a sheath was not included in that price. Fortunately you can have your choice of leather, and now kydex for just a few dollars more, thanks to JRE Industries and


LT Wright offers a leather sheath as an available upgrade for the Bushcrafter HC


“Let’s talk value.  The how’s and why’s of it are, we wanted to have a price point of less than $100.  We trimmed the weight (an added expense), streamlined the manufacturing process in-house, and will offer this knife, without sheath, for $75.  Well under our initial $100 limit!  That’s a hand made in the USA knife, exceptional heat treat by Peter’s in Meadville, PA, a lifetime guarantee, and a proven design all for $75.  That’s value folks.  We are asked a lot about keeping the sheath because folks either make their own or have another one they use all the time.  You will not have the fee of part of a package you weren’t going to use anyway now with the Bushcrafter HC.  We will have a sheath option for those who still want a new sheath with their new knife however.  An extra $30 will get you a hand made JRE leather sheath with a dangler set up and fire steel loop.  This is a double sewn with eyelets for adding more kit if needed.

  The new Bushcrafter HC, a great tool for your next adventure without breaking the bank.  Hand made right here in Ohio by skilled American craftsmen.”

As you can see, not including a sheath was a conscious decision both because so many folks in the target demographic like to make their own, and they were really committed to bringing an excellent knife to market at the price point.

For those who prefer a Kydex sheath, NatureReliance has you covered. They are selling the HC along with a sheath with fire-steel loop, made by Kentucky Kydex for $116 with included ferro rod or $100 without.

I will pick one up one of these days. Both because I would like to own one of LT’s knives, and because the knife itself is such a great value.

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LT Wright Bushcrafter HC: Best Bushcraft Knife Value, Now With More Sheath Options

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