Machete-wielding illegal attempts kidnapping; terrorizes WalMart

Walmart Machete

A man is being held on kidnapping, weapons charges, and an immigration detainer following an incident at a Louisiana WalMart. Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera approached a mother and toddler and brandished a machete. She resisted, and the perp was subdued after several minutes of mayhem inside the store.

From Fox5NY:

Police say he told the mother if she did not listen to his instructions, she would die. The mother attempted to walk away from Budier-Herrera but he blocked the victim, placing his hand on the handle of a machete, causing the mother to fear for her and her child’s safety.

Police say he then threatened to kill the boy if she did not listen.  The mother asked for help from store employees, as Budier-Herrera grabbed the 2-year-old, and attempted to remove the child from the grocery cart and take off.

The mother grabbed her child and a struggle ensued. The mother ran behind the counter with her child in the deli section of the store, as store employees arrived to intervene.

Police says Budier-Herrera then fled from store employees into the meat and poultry section of the store and pulled the machete from his waistband, and swung it at employees before running away.

While running from store employees, police say that Budier-Herrera attempted to remove another infant from a grocery cart but was prevented from doing so because of the seat strap. He was then tackled by store employees and a Kenner police who was working an off-duty detail inside the store.

Police say they found a 10-inch machete, pepper spray and a makeshift shiv on him at the time of his arrest.  Budier-Herrara is charged with two counts of kidnapping of a child and other offenses.  Budier-Herrera was also charged with an immigration detainer.

There is some debate as to whether or not illegals commit crimes at a greater or lesser rate than native born Americans. That does not matter – 100% of crimes committed by illegals were by perps should not be present to commit the crimes in the first place.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Lessee here…. Who’s in favor of illegal aliens?

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Machete-wielding illegal attempts kidnapping; terrorizes WalMart

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