Mail Call Monday: Opinel No. 12 “Explore” & Svord Peasant Knife

Just a quick post before I get back to work on our last Knife Madness match before the Final Four. I have been wanting to pick up both of these knives for a while. The Svord Peasant Knife has been on my list since I first became aware of the style in Chris Dumm’s Know Your Knives: Higo No Kami post a long while back. It took writing about Svord in the Madness tourney that got the fence-pole out of my butt.

I have wanted to get my hands on the new Opinel No. 12 Explore since first posting about it myself. I own several traditional Opinels, and I was curious how a modern upgrade to such a classic knife would turn out. At first glance it turned out well. If it tests as well as I imagine it will, it should make an excellent day-hike or glovebox knife.

I have a few minor issues with the Svord, which I will outline in a formal “First Impression Review”, but these are nitpicky for the most part and for the $20 or so that I paid for it, I certainly got my money’s worth.

The Opinel No. 12 Explore feels great in the hand

I have a question for TTAK’s “Edged Intelligentsia”: If I wanted to make “Mail Call Monday” a recurring feature, would people be willing to drop us a picture when they get a new knife? I see a lot of posts like this in various Facebook groups to which I belong, and I was wondering if that would work here. It would be neat to know what you all are buying from time to time and to feature the knives on the blog.

Please leave a note in the comments if you would be interested in helping make this happen.

The Svord Peasant Knife is a little rough around the edges – literally. But it is still a solid and unique knife for the money.


  1. cmeat says:

    i prefer digital image dominance to digital image submission; i would enjoy reader knife porn content. might even get my weight up and send an attachment.

  2. Jon M. says:

    I’ve found I really enjoy collecting and using “peasant knives” like these. There’s something fascinating about using historical patterns in modern life. I may post up a pic of everything sometime and a write up if I ever get time…

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Mail Call Monday: Opinel No. 12 “Explore” & Svord Peasant Knife

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