Mail-delivery of knives to be banned under proposed UK knife law

mail-delivery of knives

Pearl-clutchers in the UK are aghast that people under 18 might possibly buy a knife through the mail – as opposed to grabbing one from a kitchen drawer. This is their response to the ever increasing rate of knife related crime across the country.

From Guardian:

The delivery of knives bought online to private addresses is to be banned under a package of measures to tackle knife crime to be announced by the home secretary, Amber Rudd.

Knives bought online will in future have to be collected in person, with retailers responsible for checking that all buyers are 18 or older. New powers are also proposed for the police to seize banned weapons such as zombie knives, knuckledusters and throwing stars if they are found in someone’s home, and to arrest those involved.

The proposed new knife crime offences are to be subject to a consultation this autumn. They follow a Guardian investigation that found it was possible for teenagers to order age-restricted flick knives online and have them delivered to a private address without an age verification check.

Rudd’s announcement of further action to tackle knife crime comes in advance of publication of the lastest quarterly crime figures on Thursday, which are expected to show a further rise in knife crime.

There were more than 32,000 knife crime offences in England and Wales in 2016, 14% more than in the previous year. There were more than 4,000 hospital admissions for assaults involving a knife in England in the 12 months to March 2016, with 771 of those injured under the age of 19.




  1. Mike L. says:

    The biggest mistake of the sceptred isle was putting an end to public hangings. It served two purposes. The slow removal of certain miscreants. And the reinforcement of the golden rule. As stated in Texas, “if you kill someone in Texas we’ll kill you back”.

    1. David Mary says:

      When one violates the rights of another, they de facto forfeit a proportionate right of their own. This is pure justice, but it can only be executed by a competent authority acting explicitly for the public good, and without malice. But, yes, Mike L., the death penalty for offenses that violate rights of life or equal in value to life (such as life ruining/changing crimes like rape, for one example), is perfectly just and reasonable, and one might even say required, to prevent such crimes.

      Banning or restricting access to inanimate objects that are not the problem, and whose absence will not solve the problem shows a lack of critical thinking, or a malicious bias against the rights of the people to be left alone to acquire, possess and carry knives for their intended purpose, *cutting things*.

  2. Van Hill says:

    Well..seems my British brethren have truly *leaped off the liberal lunacy ledge..* you do know people Can MAKE knives?? What about cricket bats? Axes?..get a grip guys.

  3. This is just… there are no words.

    Thanks for sharing mate, hopefully the sheer stupidity of this law gets shut down.

  4. Hannibal says:

    It’s like they’re insistent on continuing what I must assume is a large-scale satirical performance piece.

    1. Van hill says:

      That’s funny!!!! Good one

  5. Daniel J says:

    I’ve not yet read the article, nor glanced at the headline, but things must be turning around for England!
    Just think of a people so confident in their maturity that they host knife banks, boxes where you can get free knives!
    Truly a wonderful country!

    1. Steve Skubinna says:

      Come on, here in the US some banks will give you a set of steak knives for opening an account.

  6. Ingot9455 says:

    And you could never travel to anywhere in Europe, pick one up, and then come back home. That’s unpossible. I’m sure they rigorously search everyone coming back through the Chunnel.

    1. Deaf Smith says:

      Unless you are Muslim refugee, then they will give you a free pass.

  7. Sam L. says:

    Linked at Instapundit at 8PM, July 23.

  8. John C. says:

    As the late Lt Col John Dean “Jeff” Cooper, USMC, said some time ago, “To such depths have the sons of Alfred the Great fallen.”

  9. FiftycalTX says:

    This sounds like a Monty Python show brought to life. I say the brits need a “Ministry of Clean Underwear” and attendant rules, regulations, policies and procedures for “the authorities” to go around and make sure everyone has clean underwear. Or face the lash. A new task for the “Promotion of virtue and Prevention of vice” boys.

  10. Deaf Smith says:

    “knife crime”? As opposed to what, murder?

    Geeze guys, you can make a knife out of any old piece of rusted metal. Car suspension springs, lawnmower blades, sheet metal, etc.

    Don’t you guys have an COMMON SENSE?

  11. I see that their firearms laws are working quite well.
    Is there a very few homicides with firearms.

    1. David Mary says:

      Eric, you THINK that their firearms laws are working well. Has it occurred to you that many of these knife incidents would have simply been firearms incidents if the perpetrators had access to them? That, perhaps, the problem is with the PERSON committing the crime, and not the object used to do so?

      “Chief Constable Alf Hitchcock told the Evening Standard that he plans to focus on a list of “the top 50 people who are habitual knife-carriers” in London, which accounted for 15% of the national increase in the year ending September 2016. Using what he termed the “Al Capone” approach – named after the notorious Chicago gangster who was eventually put away for tax evasion – he gave a green light for the police to target this group and find any plausible reason to take them off the streets.” –

      Don’t tell me you uncritically agree with the Chief on that. Not everyone carries a knife for criminal reasons, and I would even argue that *most* who carry one have it for cutting things, not for cutting people.

  12. Den says:

    oh time for plastic cutlery.. the ones with the beaded serrations. no knife shall stand.. :).. time to register your dinnerware and get special permits that you need to pay a tax to have.. chopstix anyone?

  13. Will says:

    How many British men use knifes to kill someone count the number on one hand, knifes are used by others to settle gang fights and commit crime always have been always will be take the knifes away and they will use pointed sticks

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Mail-delivery of knives to be banned under proposed UK knife law

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