Making Damascus steel “Brass” Knuckles with Walter Sorrells

“Classy” is not a word one frequently used to describe brass knuckles. Unless of course they are being forged and milled from 400-layer Damascus steel by Mr. Walter Sorrells.

While I typically gravitate to his handmade knife videos, especially those featuring common shop tools, the high-end milling equipment in this video is pretty impressive as well.

Does one need Damascus steel “brass” knuckles? No, but I sure as hell want one.


  1. cmeat says:


  2. Steve Elmes says:

    Love to have a pair made from tungsten.

    1. cmeat says:

      wait, is that like a pair of pants? or one for each hand.
      where are the 3d printed versions?

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Making Damascus steel “Brass” Knuckles with Walter Sorrells

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