Man injured in gun/axe attack in Cologne


A German man has been hospitalized after being attacked with an bladed weapon and a gun.

While I have been reading conflicting reports, it appears that a man in Germany has been attacked by 4 men wielding an edged weapon (reports of both an axe and a knife are being reported) and at least 1 firearm.

From MirrorUK:

Two suspects are on the run after a shooting and knife attack in Cologne city centre, it is reported.

A man was seriously injured in the assault on Flandrishe Street this morning, according to the German newspaper, Koelner Express.

Reports say an axe was involved in the terrifying incident.

Four ‘well-dressed’ men were having an argument with the victim before they attacked him with the blade, witnesses claim.

The man, who is yet to be identified, was reportedly stabbed in the thigh, before trying to flee the scene in his Mercedes.

The attackers fired at him as he drove off shortly before 4am (3am UK time), but the bullets only struck his windows and tyres.

Two possible perpetrators were later stopped by officers on Habsburgerring road, but a further two are still on the run, police said.

The victim was rushed to hospital in a serious condition after the attack.

His condition is currently unclear, but his windows were smashed out and all four of his tyres were burst in the alleged shooting.

The motive for the assault remains unknown.


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Man injured in gun/axe attack in Cologne

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