Man stabs two dogs at Oakland dog park for sniffing his puppy

12888611_1468371945.3034_funddescriptionTwo dogs are recovering from multiple stab and slash wounds after a man attacked them for sniffing his puppy. It is possible that the two dogs were acting aggressively – they did slip under the fence, but the story is the same from multiple outlets.

From CBS San Francisco:

“One of my dogs went under the fence to sniff his dogs,” said Selhorst. “My dog’s tail was wagging. He was just sniffing his dog and the guy, like night and day, flipped out.”

Selhorst said the guy took a nine-inch double-sided knife and started slashing — first Ruth, and then, when she got there, Carolenna. Otis stayed back.

“I look at my other dog and it was cut up real bad,” said Selhorst. “From one shoulder down to the other side of his body.”

Caroleena and Ruth were slashed all over their bodies. Robert got knicked in the head. Selhorst said the guy then picked up his puppy and ran.

He describes the suspect as a dark man, about 6 feet, dark. He was wearing shorts and a Panama Hat.

“No one wants to see that,” said Selhorst. “Watch a guy cut your dogs like they were meat. It’s the most, worst, horrible thing I’ve ever had to see.”

Police took a report but there hasn’t been an update since.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the more than $3000 in vet bills, but so far the campaign has raised about half the money they need.

While I am glad that humans have evolved past butt-sniffing as a form of greeting, it is usually considered fairly normal behavior for canines at a dog park.

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Man stabs two dogs at Oakland dog park for sniffing his puppy

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