Man walks 5 blocks to hospital with knife lodged in his heart.


Not a picture of this incident, but it seemed appropriate…

I am a little confused about how the Queens man walked 5 blocks to the hospital with a knife in his heart, and I am also confused as to why the police would be canvassing the area for said blade. Regardless, the victim is one tough hombré.

From CBS New York:

A New York man was stabbed in the heart and managed to walk to the hospital with the blade still in his chest.

Police say 35-year-old Mohamed Ramirez was stabbed in the heart around 10 p.m. Monday night, and managed to walk five blocks to Elmhurst Hospital to check himself in, CBS New York reports.

Throughout the day detectives poured over surveillance video from cameras outside the apartment complex where the stabbing happened.

The crime shocked residents near the Elmhurst Gardens apartment complex in Queens.

“This area is really safe. I never seen anything wrong here, never, never, never,” Leo Fermin said.

Police searched the perimeter for the weapon. They looked under garbage cans on nearby Broadway in Elmhurst, and on the roof of a store.

The weapon pierced Ramirez’s heart. The attack happened in a residential area filled with families — just blocks from where Ramirez lives.

Everyone knows you need to cut the head off an immortal. There can be only one.

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Man walks 5 blocks to hospital with knife lodged in his heart.

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