Mass Stabbing On Bus Stuns Norway

Norway Bus Stabbing

A South Sudanese asylum-seeker scheduled to be deported from Norway did everything in his power to prove that fellow mass-murderer Anders Breivik was correct. According to Norwegian authorities, he pulled a knife on a bus in western Norway and murdered everyone else on the bus: the driver, a young woman, and a male passenger from Sweden.

The victims were trapped with their killer on a bus, at night, in the mountains om winter. And they were unarmed.

Here’s the AP story, as told by the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Police allege the man boarded the bus in a remote, mountainous area near Aardal on Monday and stabbed to death the other occupants on board: two men in their 50s — the Norwegian bus driver and a Swedish male passenger — and a 19-year-old Norwegian woman.

The suspect was apprehended by rescuers from the fire department and ambulance staff who were the first to arrive on what they thought was an accident scene, some 10 kilometers (6 miles) from where he was thought to have boarded the bus. Police formally arrested the man later.

Police prosecutor Joern Lasse Refsnes said the suspect was still in the hospital being treated for minor cuts and was aware that his asylum application in Norway had been rejected. He said that the motive for the stabbings was still unclear.

Under Norwegian law (which I’m still trying to learn more about) this scumbag was almost certainly committing a crime by even having a modestly-sized knife on his person ‘without good reason.’

How many times must it be demonstrated that legal restrictions on weapons only disarm those who obey them? Crazies and evil people don’t seem to give a damn about another law they might be breaking while they’re already committing murder.


  1. Aharon says:

    RIP. Seems like a nightly BBC news report covering one average day of UK knife attacks which kill err murder 60,000 annually.

    1. NYC2AZ says:

      But in the UK they have CCTV that can help the police find “material witnesses” after you are dead.

      I’m sure that made all the victims “feel” safe!


    2. Jason Lynch says:

      Seriously, dude? 60,000 knife murders a year in the UK? For sure the BBC isn’t reporting that. Maybe because it’s actually only 200 homicides a year with any sort of “sharp implement”, trending downwards for the last few years?

      Fact checking – don’t give your opponents an easy opening to say “Look how ignorant and paranoid these violent neanderthal gun fascists are!”

      1. JoshuaS says:

        Of course UK stats are difficult at times. They have radically departed from their common law heritage. E.g., what in some states is called felony murder or capital murder or murder in the 4th degree or 1st degree murder (in California), namely killing during the commission of another crime, e.g. robbery, ceased being murder in the UK in 1957. They abolished distinctions between felonies and misdemeanors in 1967.

        Likewise, it is not murder if you were a drunk alcoholic, had execessive jealousy, or had “post-natal depression”. Or (formerly) were provoked (that is the old distinction of manslaughter versus murder). It makes comparing crime stats difficult

  2. Matt in FL says:

    And that’s if they’re even aware they’re breaking that additional law. I’d they don’t even try getting a weapon through “legal means” before resorting to illegal, how would they know?

  3. Sam L. says:

    I’d bet small paring knives or other kitchen knives are legal purchases.

    1. Jason Lynch says:

      At leasr for the UK… paring knives, small kitchen knives, large kitchen knives, cleavers, machetes, tomahawks, swords (some fiddly limits – single-edged curved blades are not easy purchases at the moment), axes, reaping hooks, all perfectly legal to own, keep and use. Proof of age required, is all (16 or 18, can’t remember which).

      Similarly, the S&W HRT boot knife I just picked up from the Navy Exchange here in Little Creek is quite legal to buy and own in the UK; I could have bought it over there but it’s much cheaper here, $20 with a nice folder in the pack with it at NEX compared to $35-40 in the UK plus postage.

      I’ll just be in trouble if I get caught carrying it around in a public place without “good cause”, which for a fixed-blade knife like that is fairly hard to come by under UK law. It should make an entertaining letter opener on my desk at work, though, and entirely legally. Similarly, the K-Bar, the Recon Tanto and the Fairbairn-Sykes I’ve acquired over the years live on the shelf in my study, legally and happily minding their own business and not spontaneously stabbing anyone to death.

  4. Pat says:

    It must have been hell inside that vehicle as the butcher went about his work.
    Aint Socialism grand.

    1. billdeserthills says:

      Pat I’m sure it was scary how the unstabbed busied themselves running around in circles while the stabber butchered each one of them one by one
      Unfortunately the unstabbed were unable to come to any agreement concerning them helping out each other before they had all expired. Kinda reminds me of a cage full of holocaust victims near the end of the war being guarded by a man with a machinegun with only one bullet…

  5. Mark says:

    Motive unclear? He didn’t want to go back to Somalia. There they would really butcher him. Now he has four walls and three squares for life

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Mass Stabbing On Bus Stuns Norway

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