Meet the 14 year Aussie girl who forges $1000 blades.

We thought we had found the female wunderkind when we ran the “5 from the Grinder” piece with 18 year-old bladesmith Nichole Lindstrand, but there is a young woman from Australia who at just 14 already has several years on our friend Nichole. Leila Haddad started learning the craft from her father at age 6, and is now crafting $1000 blades for collectors.

Watch the video. You can see more of Leila Haddad   (not Haddid like the video says) at Tharwa Valley Forge or her Instagram (LeilasKnives).

Pretty amazing talent, and a great ambassador for knife fans in the hoplophobic Land Down Under.


  1. Such wisdom, proof indeed that wisdom is not wasted on the old. I very much liked what Leila said about people becoming “illiterate with their hands.” and beautiful blades, too! The Joy of making something with one’s hands is what lasts and has brought many smiles to my face and my student’s faces. Thank you for the inspiration, Leila!

  2. Jason says:

    Thats awesome that someone that age wants to make something with there hands and not work for Google or be a Youtube star..

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Meet the 14 year Aussie girl who forges $1000 blades.

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