Micro Recon 1: Cold Steel AUS 8A For Just $25

Image courtesy Cold SteelI’ve got a pint-size Cold Steel knife in my toy drawer (a discontinued 2″ Ready Edge fixed blade) and it’s a little gem of simple and rugged utility. As tiny as it is, I still can’t legally carry it because of a stupid municipal law that prohibits fixed blade carry in my city. The Micro Recon 1, however, is an equally small knife from Cold Steel that passes legal muster just about everywhere (cough Jersey cough). It can be a keyring knife as shown here, or a gentleman’s pocketknife, and it’s only twenty-five bucks . . .

Image courtesy Cold SteelCold Steel’s Recon 1 lineup starts small and inexpensive: the Micros give you 2″ of Tuff-Ex coated Japanese AUS-8A steel, with a spear or Tanto point and textured G10 grips for just $25. That’s only $12.50 per blade inch, if you’re thinking like a mathematician.

Bigger Recon 1’s get more expensive very quickly: the 3″ blades cost almost three times as much as their baby brothers, and the 5″ blades top out near $150. The big boys are some serious tactical knives…the 2-inchers…not so much.

But who cares? If the name ‘Recon’ on a 2″ blade annoys you, ignore it. Tactifoolery aside, it still looks like a nice little knife for $25.


  1. Francesco says:

    The handle on the Micro Recon 1 is actually “faux” G10 (textured plastic), although its bigger brothers sport the real thing. The Micro also has Cold Steel’s ultra-strong Triad lock. It was my go-to mouse knife until I discovered Bladetech’s MouseLite, which has a beefier 2″ blade, excellent jimping (in two places!), more ergonomic handle, stainless steel spacer, and cheaper price. But I still love and use the Micro. It’s light, tough, sharp, and handy — just what a mouse knife needs to be.

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Micro Recon 1: Cold Steel AUS 8A For Just $25

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