Midwife assists with own C-section delivery

midwife delivers own baby

I didn’t go with the New York Post headline of “Midwife delivers own baby via C-section”, which made me think that the woman actually cut herself open. Instead, she did the tugging part, which is only just slightly less insane.

From Kentucky.com:

Dial scrubbed in for surgery just as if she were about to deliver another woman’s baby and not her own, pulling gloves up over her IV.

Obstetricians Dr. Mark Wainwright and Dr. Amanda Hess assisted with the delivery.

Hill said Wainwright made the incision in Dial’s abdomen and after breaking her water helped guide her hands to the baby.

“To watch her colleagues rally around her and make this happen was so beautiful,” Hill wrote.

After Dial grasped the baby, she lifted the child up out of her abdomen on her own.

I used a generic Wikimedia C-section picture, but if you visit here, there is some really incredible professional photography of the delivery in question. Crazy stuff.

I watched a C-Section when I did my clinical rotations for my EMT, and even started the IV in Pre-Op. I assisted in traditional delivery of 1 baby in the hospital and 1 in the ambulance. But I can’t imagine a woman lifting a child from her own vivisected abdomen. Yikes.


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Midwife assists with own C-section delivery

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