Mini Maglite LED PRO review

For the past several months I have been carrying a Mini Maglite PRO LED  with me. This light has been my primary EDC light, and my primary work light for that entire length of time as well. The Mini Maglite PRO LED  is the updated version to Maglite’s classic Mini that has been around for 25 years. Is it a worthy successor to a quality light that has a track record of success? In a word, Absolutely.

As I’ve mentioned before, for my day job I do home inspections for a living. I am constantly in crawlspaces, attics, under decks, and on roofs. I’m exposed to extreme heat, extreme cold, moisture, humidity, and critters on a daily basis. My flashlights are THE most important tool I have for doing inspections. They let me see into the creepy abyss that is a crawl space. There are certain characteristics that I look for in a flashlight, and the Mini Maglite PRO LED  hits almost all of them.

Mini Maglite Pro Review

I’m going to break down the criteria that I look for in a flashlight, and then go point by point of how the Mini Maglite PRO LED either fits the bill, or falls short. All of the below criteria work together to either create a good value, or a sub-par value.

Reliability– This is the most important criteria for any flashlight. In my several months of use I have never had the Mini Maglite PRO LED  fail on me. It gets exposed to massive amounts of moisture, heat, and cold, and has handled it without fail. As well, I have accidentally left it in my pants pocket and washed it on hot not once, but twice. It even was put through the dryer, and not a thing is wrong with it. I also go on ladders often, and have dropped it several times from roughly 25 feet. Not once has it needed to be replaced yet.



So while it isn’t an expensive fancy tactical light, it is certainly well built enough for someone like me. If it can stand up to home inspections, than it can stand up to just about anything in or around your home.

Brightness- In my business brightness is a double edged sword. You want something bright enough to see a long distance, but too bright and it can reflect off metal and blind you. The Mini Maglite PRO LED  is a fair mix of the two. I wish it was a little bit brighter to see farther away, but it’s a little too bright close up. If I had known better, I would have bought the next version up that comes with a “low” setting.


Run Time– The packaging stated that the run time is 2 hours and 30 minutes, but I’ve made it MUCH longer than the stated time before swapping out batteries. It takes two AA batteries, and I’ve gone two full weeks without swapping them out(an average of 4 houses a day, and the light is on at least 10-20 minutes per house). I love not having to worry about switching them out so often. While a rechargeable option is great, sometimes you don’t have time to charge up. In that case, I much prefer regular batteries.

Price-I picked mine up for $25 at my local Home Depot. For that price I could buy 3 or 4 of them before spending the same money on a more expensive brand.

Pocketability– Just like any tool that you must carry at all times, how it fits into your pockets is very important. While working, I rock the Mini Maglite Pro in my side pocket on my right leg. It fully covers it, and keeps it in place. Even when climbing up or down ladders, crawling around, or otherwise contorting myself to fit into tiny places.

EDC a flashlight
You can’t even see my Maglite in my right side leg pocket

Mini Maglite Pro Review

When looking at any item to purchase, the overall value of of  product are the following things;

How long it performs at peak performance

How often you use it

How long until it needs to be replaced

The Mini Maglite stacks up really well I think when compared to these criteria. I’ve been using mine non stop and have noticed zero degradation so far in its use. I use it every single day, multiple times per day, and I except it to last for a good long while, and with a limited lifetime warranty, any manufacturer defects are covered.

For $25 you have a solid mostly American made (some pieces imported) flashlight. In order to get a full American one you would have to go spend at least 4X that price.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    I’m using a Streamlite with two AAA batts. (I also have a single one.) I’ve had two Mini-Mags, that through my leaving the batteries in, corroded and couldn’t be removed, both NOT covered by the mini-Mag warrantee. I couldn’t see the corrosion, but there was no way for me to remove both ends. I still have one Mini-Mag that stays battery-free until I need it.

  2. Nail nick says:

    Always loved the Mini Mag, kind of a gateway flashlight for us junkies. Btw The Mini Mag has been out for 32 years. For those who want to know the brightness it’s 272 lumens.

    1. cmeat says:

      i was gonna say, i bought one off the tool truck in ’83.
      i too have had the corrosion problem with these. some of the larger models did not have a removable butt end- hard to get the old batt’s out.
      when the mini’s fell the bulb often broke. i still have some old ones, i don’t really depend on them though. led versions should be less problematic.
      hundred dollar tactical torches, more than i want to carry or spend.
      underwater kinetics makes great cheapo’s (i like the 2aaa that carries the batt’s side by side rather than inline). cheap, single led, bulletproof.

      once at a dixie truck stop i saw the “official rodney king” edition, a knock off gag for sure, but i couldn’t possibly comment.

      1. http://www./ says:

        Da’ vin ÅŸi din alte judeÅ£e? Că dacă scădem vreo 20 de blogări, de unde dracu s-au găsit 40 de ziariti din Bacău, care să mai ÅŸi confirme? 

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Mini Maglite LED PRO review

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