CGA Company (Minuteman) raising funds to fight child sex-trafficking

Politicians and police like to conflate consensual sex work with “sex-trafficking”. Good for headlines, but it diverts attention and resources away from protecting actual victims of crime. As is often the case, private organizations are left to actually attempt to solve the problem. When the problem affects the most vulnerable among us, children, it falls to the rest of us to do what we can to help, as opposed to simply posturing.

CGA Company (Minuteman Watches (and knives)) has joined this fight. They are donating the profits from the sale of Lum-Tec watches (an outside brand to the charity Operation Underground Railroad.

From Thomas Carey, CGA Company (Minuteman)

The CGA Company is hard at working trying to raise funds for the great charity Operation Underground Railroad. O.U.R. is led by Tim Ballard and a team of ex special operations, and ex CIA. They are quite literally saving children some as younger than 5 years of age who are trapped in the international sex slave trade. As the owner of the CGA Company I urge all of you to visit their site and learn more about their efforts as quite frankly I have trouble speaking about what is to me unspeakable.

For each Lum-Tec brand watch sold on our website. We will donate between $75 on up to $250 to the Operation Underground Railroad charity to help fund their heroic efforts. As an authorized Lum-Tec we are required to price our Lum-Tec watches at full retail just as other Lum-Tec retailers are. So while our prices may seem high The CGA Company wants you to know that most of the profits we make on the sale of Lum-Tec watches will now be going to the Operation Underground Railroad charity. If you don’t like this brand or can’t afford one we ask that you visit the O.U.R. web site and make a donation direct to them.
Not directly on topic for the blog, but just an effort to do some good. Minuteman was kind enough to send us their debut knife, the Gingrich Tactical Adjutant for review.  Thomas (and the knife’s maker Justin Gingrich) were very receptive to our criticisms, which says something very positive about their character. We at TTAK are more than happy to lend them our megaphone for such a worthy endeavor.



  1. HandyDan says:

    I am by no means an expert, but from what I understand there is very little consensual sex work. Most prostitutes are effectively slaves and their pimps tell them they are going to go after the prostitute’s families if the prostitute doesn’t earn for them. Just wanted to put that out there, the first sentence of the article just rubbed me the wrong way because the people who use prostitutes make excuses for creating a customer base by pretending that the woman they are using like what they do (morons, they are paid to pretend).

    1. I would imagine the reasons are as varied as the people. I have read and watched plenty of interviews of seemingly well adjusted sex workers. The on the street variety probably fit your scenario better.

      But a fair criticism/ point nonetheless.

      Regardless, conflating adult vs child obscures the very real differences between the two.

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CGA Company (Minuteman) raising funds to fight child sex-trafficking

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