Monday Morning reading list (Open thread 2/5/18)

Old knife ads are cool aren’t they?

Good morning everyone.  I have a ton of links piled up, which I want to clear before getting back to work on a few original pieces. So let’s get to it.



“We were now four hundred yards from the foot of Cemetery Hill, when away off to the right, nearly half a mile, there appeared in the open field a line of men at right angles with our own, a long, dark mass, dressed in blue, and coming down at a “double-quick” upon the unprotected right flank of Pickett’s men, with their muskets “upon the right shoulder shift,” their battle flags dancing and fluttering in the breeze created by their own rapid motion, and their burnished bayonets glistening above their heads like forest twigs covered with sheets of sparkling ice when shaken by a blast…” (from Last Stand on Zombie Island)




TEACH YOUR CHILDREN: Swords, axes and machetes seized from Black Country schools

Shock new figures show how many blades were picked up from schools over the past six years. They include 80 across the Black Country.

In Wolverhampton 25 were taken by police, 20 in Walsall, 21 in Sandwell and 14 in Dudley. The force has also revealed the list of bladed weapons, which include flick knives, machetes and daggers.

The children caught with the weapons include three 10 year olds, including one in Wolverhampton in 2017/18.




FLORIDA WOMAN™: Police: Woman chases pregnant woman with knife

Sarah Ritter, 19, appeared in court Friday on a charge of aggravated assault. Panama City Police Department officials reported she armed herself about 7:30 p.m. Thursday with a kitchen knife and began chasing the victim, who is several months pregnant. Ritter pointed the blade at the other woman and began making “jabbing” motions, police reported.


FROM EVERYDAY CARRY: Best Key organizers for 2018

That phone in your pocket is getting better all the time, but one thing that it still hasn’t completely replaced is the need to carry keys. Until you can unlock your front door or start your car with a simple flick of your phone, keys are always going to be a part of your EDC. You could toss ’em in your pocket, but the resulting jumble of metal just isn’t comfortable. And dangling them from your belt loop works, but it means everyone can hear you coming a mile away. So, what’s the best way to carry your keys?


TIMMY MUST HAVE RUN OUT OF DONUTS: Customer found with knife after ruckus at HarborCenter Tim Hortons

A man who shouted profanities and refused to leave the Tim Hortons at HarborCenter shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday was found to have a knife in his pocket when police searched him.

Police said Terrance Cash, whose age and address were not given in a report, was told to leave the premises several times by security, but refused to leave and was shouting profanities and threatening to attack police and security guards.

When he was searched after being taken into custody, police said he was found to be carrying a 6-inch Stanley razor knife.

Cash was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, a Class A misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct, second-degree harassment and trespass, all violations.


SPEAKING OF KEYS… CRKT “Williams Tactical Key

No one will know it’s there. Until it’s time to use it. Former Army officer and martial arts instructor, James Williams is a man who knows the value of a well-designed defense tool. Cleverly disguised as an innocuous key, the ergonomic handle and pointed end come in strong when a situation heats up. This is concealed carry that fits on a keyring.
  • Personal Defense Key Tool
  • Well Balanced Handle with Secure Grip
  • Philip Screwdriver
  • MSRP $9.99

Looks like it is better than nothing.


BEST NEW KNIVES OF 2018: From GearPatrol

Last week, outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds gathered in Las Vegas for SHOT Show, the annual trade show for the shooting, hunting and outdoors equipment. The massive gathering is a showcase for all kinds of gear, from hunting rifles to tents, and it’s also the best place to see what knife manufacturers have in store for 2018. Knives of every type were shown by makers big and small; here are six of our favorites.

CRKT Maven, Benchmade Altitude, Boker Kwaikan Compact, ZT 0609, White River Small Game Knife, SOG Powerlight multitool.

I haven’t given the question much thought, but the knives on the list are solid.



I’d like to incorporate a This Ballista Kit, based on the artillery weapon design used by the Roman Empire, will enjoy a loooong career in desktop warfare at my office. But I’m also thinking of rolling the little wooden crossbow onto the tabletop as a twist to my Super Bowl prefunk beer pong game. Out with the plastic balls, in with the lightweight wooden dowel projectiles!

Shut up and take my money.



Fro those who didn’t get the reference, it is said of D2: “It takes a mediocre edge and holds it forever”. Wood, not so much.



Have a great monday folks.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Zombie Island doesn’t do many knife/blade posts, but enough for me to check it daily.

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Monday Morning reading list (Open thread 2/5/18)

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