Mora Knife Contest Prizes Just Arrived

Image courtesty Chris Dumm for TTAK

About a week after I ordered them, our three Mora test knives showed up yesterday afternoon. As promised, the green-handled carbon steel knife in the middle is heading to reader The Last Marine Out, and the red-handled carbon steel utility knife is on its way to reader Stephen Spaulding. Don’t forget to review them for us, guys, and don’t cut yourselves in the process. These Scandinavian-grind blades may be the sharpest knives you’ll ever handle . . .

The larger, stainless knife on the left will stay right here for testing. After handling all of them, I think the green-handled knife has the best combination of grip and balance.

Image Courtesy Chris Dumm for TTAK

It also has the best sheath as you can see here, especially compared to the flaccid belt loop of my knife on the left. I would love to keep the green-handled ‘Military’ Mora for myself, but I promised it to the Marine and that’s where it’s going.

UPDATE: The prizes have shipped, and should arrive within a week. If I’d planned more carefully I would have had them shipped directly to the winners, because they cost almost as much to re-ship as they did to purchase in the first place.

The Last Marine Out suggested I tell everyone where I got them, which was from Amazon. Here’s the search page I used, and it came up with dozens and dozens of similarly-priced (which is to say, incredibly inexpensive) choices:

The ‘Bushcraft’ and ‘Light My Fire’ knives are substantially more expensive, for reasons I’ll discuss in the full knife review in a week or two.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Just bought one of the green ones; came yesterday.

    1. janitor says:

      ive got the green one in stainless. the clip, though more robust than the others, will wear out….mine already has visible points where it receives the most stress. this is just from kitchen/BBQ/home use.

  2. the last Marine out says:

    Chris, tell the folks were we can get these knives .

    1. janitor says:

      everywhere LOL amazon, ebay, gunshows…..but if he has a specific vendor he’d like to plug, then plug away. just dont pay more than 20 bucks for one, youre getting ripped off if you do

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Mora Knife Contest Prizes Just Arrived

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