More Hoplophobic Dingbattery: Minnesota Edition.


A young woman in Minnesota was expelled from her High School when a small knife was found during a random locker search.

We have said it before, but “zero tolerance” is synonymous with zero critical thought. Alyssa Drescher, a 17 year old honors student mistakenly left the knife that she used on her boyfriend’s farm in her purse which she brought to school.  She wasn’t brandishing it, using it at school, or behaving in any way that could remotely be interpreted as threatening.  The knife was found during a random drug search when a dog “hit” on her perfume.

From FoxNews:

“Rick Drescher has hired an attorney in an effort to get his daughter back in school as she gets ready for college next fall. He pointed out that another student – whose parent is a school board member – received a three-day suspension for a similar mistaken violation of the school’s “weapons” policy.

Alyssa argues the punishment is “excessive,” saying she wants to speak out on behalf of all other teens who’ve received harsh suspensions under similar policies. If the expulsion stands, she will be unable to attend her senior prom.

Doocy asked: where’s the common sense in cases like this?

“For Alyssa to make good choices throughout her life and then to make one simple mistake. You know, it’s not really even a mistake. She clearly just forgot that the knife was in her purse,” said Rick, adding punishments like this do “no good” for any student.”

How is it that we expect our school officials to teach critical thinking to our children when they prove time and again that they are incapable of exercising it themselves?


  1. crndl says:

    “random drug search”…? wtf?

    1. A dog will “hit” on whatever its handler wants it to.

      1. J- says:

        Every case study I have ever read backs that up. I remember one case in which a judge made the statement from the bench that the dog was a “four legged dowsing rod.”

  2. Nathan says:

    I’d have suspended her for carrying a bad knife…

  3. Skyler says:

    Our country is no longer a free one.

    First they force you into government schools. Then they tell you that fourth amendment rights don’t apply to children in government schools. Soon, they’ll extend that to adults who drive cars on public roads, because the driver’s license implies a consent to search. Then they will just do away with that nicety completely and search whomever they want whenever they want.

    I pray that I will make enough money to put my child in private school.

  4. Pashtun6 says:

    In the actual article a guy claims that this is a “tactical” knife, WTAF? Any knife could be considered tactical, it just depends on the situation.

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More Hoplophobic Dingbattery: Minnesota Edition.

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