Mr. Farago visits Zac Brown’s Southern Grind at SHOT


Robert Farago spent some time visiting the guys at Zac Browns Southern Grind on the SHOT Show floor.

While your humble TTAK correspondents were unable to make it to the SHOT show, Robert, Dan, Nick and the rest of the TTAG crew have promised not to forget us. While the Blade Show is the largest knife show in the country, most of the major knife producers debut their new lines at SHOT.

The first company that caught Robert’s eye was Southern Grind, the metalworking branch of singer Zac Brown’s empire. Zac himself has a hand in the design of each knife which are made in Georgia. A portion of each sale goes to the Camp Southern Grounds for kids with disabilities.

Robert didn’t share any personal impressions, but I thought I would pass along the shots he sent.

The picture at the top is the Spider Monkey, a 3.25″ S35V bladed liner-lock carbon fiber folder. It retails for $219.95.



Southern Grind RAT.

The Rat is a skeltonized necker made from 8670m steel which retails for $79.95.



The Jackal is a wicked looking fixed-blade.

The Jackal fixed-blade is also from 8670m steel, sourced from recycled saw blades. It has an MSRP of $229.95.



Grand Daddy 2: Is it a big knife or a small machete?

The Grad Daddy 2 is also from recycled saw-blade 8670. MSRP $185.95.



Custom Bad Monkey

The Bad Monkey folder can be customized with your choice of blade shape, finish, and scales. This one has “Jade Ghost” G10 scales and retails for $254.95.



Sothern Grind Rhino. Very Tacticool.

The Rhino is so new it isn’t even on their website. It looks like it has an attached flashlight, but I will inquire further. It can be yours for $339.95.


I haven’t personally used a Zac Brown knife, though I did have a chance to look them over at Blade. They appear well made, and use quality components. I can’t testify to their overall value for price, but in my limited conversation with the folks at their Blade booth I get a sense that their is an attitude of American pride running through the company, Southern Pride at that.

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Mr. Farago visits Zac Brown’s Southern Grind at SHOT

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