Murray Carter discusses his Forged in Fire experience.

We at TTAK are fans of Murray Carter. We are fans of the History Channel knifemaking competition Forged in Fire. We are fans of Murray Carter appearing on Forged in Fire, which he did in the Season 1 finale. He made it through the studio rounds and returned to his home studio where he forged a sword which ultimately did not win the competition.

In this video, Carter-san breaks down his experiences in the competition, and explains why things went down the way they did. He explains some of the differences between quenching a blade with water or oil. He believes that his fatal mistake was to quench in oil which yields a tougher, though less flexible and resilient blade than one quenched in water.

He also takes a minute to explain how this concept has impacted his FS1 Combat knife, which is a collaboration with Brendan “Weimy” Weimholt – a 20 year SEAL veteran and up-and-coming knifemaker in his own right . Water quenching gives the blade an added measure of resilience which allows them to grind the knife to a mere 4oz, without the knife being brittle. Weimy describes how he would rather carry an extra pound or two of ammo and ordinance, than a heavy knife. This is Shrek McPhee’s preference as well.

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Murray Carter discusses his Forged in Fire experience.

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