Name That Blade: Will Woods’ Blade Show Photo Dump, Part One

Image: Will Woods

Which Emerson is this?

Our resident knife maker Will Woods hit the Blade show last week, and took a pile of photos of as-yet unidentified knives he saw there. If you can name these knives, give a brother a hand and post away in the comments section. Make the jump for several more . . .

Image: Will Woods

O Boker, Which Art Thou?

Image: Will Woods

I’d definitely buy those for $100, but what are they?

Image: Will Woods

Mmm…More Boker

Image: Will Woods

Dig the carry clip: was this made by the Parker Pen company?


  1. Nate says:

    The bottom one is from Spartan Blade Works

    1. Matt in FL says:

      Those Spartans are handsome knives.

  2. J.Doe says:

    Pic #3 Looks to be Viper/Tecnocut Free and Keeper

  3. Aharon says:

    Picture #2 looks like the knife the salesman in a knife shop (a shop with many flip outs and autos) said is his favorite knife. Sorry, I don’t recall the name or model. I thought it was a Benchmade though I could be wrong.

  4. Knife Junky says:

    #1: not sure. Perhaps an Emerson custom

    2: Boker Plus Manaro Bullseye

    3: Viper Free, Viper Keeper

    4: Boker Kwaiken Burnley, Boker Plus Epicenter

    5: Spartan Blades Akribis

  5. Knife Junky says:

    Careful with the Chinese Bokers. They are known for quality control issues. Watch some YouTube videos before you swipe your credit card.

    1. pastubbs says:

      Yeah I’ve had a Boker just one of them tho. There is definitely some quality control issues. You do get what you pay for especially with there designer blades. From what I’ve heard you can fix most of the issues yourself I fixed the issues I had with mine the blade was slightly off center and it wasn’t as smooth as I’d like. Simply buffed the washers and blade with a Dremel and applied my own lube then adjusted the pivot to my liking.

      That being said I’d buy another if I like the design but not enough to buy a custom and the price was right. Sometimes you what a knife from a designer but you just can’t afford or not willing to spend the money on a custom.

  6. JAS says:

    I believe the first one is an Emerson Custom CQC-13 Wave.

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Name That Blade: Will Woods’ Blade Show Photo Dump, Part One

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