Name That Blade: Will Woods’ Blade Show Photo Dump, Part Two

Image courtesy Will Woods

We keep working our way through Will’s massive 178mb Blade Show photobomb with these cool-looking blades. Even though we don’t need to play ‘Name That Blade’ for all of them, I’m still looking for your thoughts on these  customs, collaborations and prototypes. I’m scratching my head trying to recall the knifemaker that uses the logo on this scalloped frame-lock, and drawing a complete blank.

Image courtesy Will Woods

Ditto this shovel-bladed beast. Me want.

Image: Will Woods

Kerambit meets Spyderco meets finger-hole. I’d call it the Iguana if it were up to me, but I’d hesitate to put too much stress on that blade; it looks like there’s more finger-hole than blade.

Image courtesy Will Woods

Various Microtechs are shown here; I’m not sure if they’re automatics or not.

Now it’s time to Name That Blade!


  1. Aharon says:

    I like the looks of the Kerambits in general though not the one pictured above. However, I’m not sure how practical they are in comparison to other blades for SD use.

    I read recently that in the West many of the Kerambit knives are designed and held with the blade protruding from the top of the clenched fist/hand or above the thumb area. In the East the blade protrudes from below the small index finger area. Like many knives the origins were in its use as an agricultural tool. Today, they are often still regarded as a woman’s weapon by many though some martial arts do trains with them and historically some warriors carried them as a last back-up weapon.

    Hollywood usually portrays the Kerambit as the weapon of the bad guys. It would possibly be regarded in the same category as a stiletto by a jury.

  2. Zach says:

    The one you said was a karambit with the spydie hole is a Brous Blades Jason Brous Silent Soldier flipper. It is the flipper version of his fixed blade neck knife (also called the silent soldier). SOG makes a production version of the neck knife called the snarl. The snarl runs about $50, the silent soldier about $75, the silent soldier flipper about $220. all are available at blade hq I think.

  3. Swerdeofwar says:

    The knives on the first picture are from Phol Force of Germany.
    The one in the middle is a Foxtrott One which is manufactured by Lionsteel of Italy.
    The two fixed are a Kilo and a November I believe.

    Btw greetings from Austria!

  4. Steve says:

    That middle one is a Medford Knife & Tool Praetorian. Beastly knives made in AZ.

    This just reminds me how bad I want one!

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Name That Blade: Will Woods’ Blade Show Photo Dump, Part Two

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