New Benchmade Products for 2016


Just in time for the holidays, and thanks to BladeHQ’s “Coming Soon” section, Benchmade’s new knives for 2016 have surfaced. Some completely new models, as well as updates to some classics make the list. Looking over the new stuff, it seems 2016 will be the year of gray G10 and CPM-20CV steel. Full listing is after the jump.



New Griptilians galore!
MSRP: $195 – $225
Models: 550-1, 550S-1550BK-1, 550SBK-1551S-1551BK-1551SBK-1, 555-1555S-1555BK1555SBK-1556S-1556BK-1556SBK-1

The number one complaint I hear against the Griptilian knives is the plasticy feeling handles. Apart from the aftermarket and a few special editions, people were out of luck. No more. The original Grips are not going anywhere, but you can now get them with gray G10 handles, blue liners and upgraded CPM-20CV steel. Both of the standard blade shapes, in full and mini size, are available. Bonus: the Benchmade deep carry clip now comes standard.


New Barrage Variants
MSRP: $180 – $205
Models: 580-2, 580S-2, 580BK-2580SBK-2585-2, 585S-2, 585BK-2, 585SBK-2

Like the Griptilians above, you can now get the Barrage range of knives with gray G10 and upgraded steel. Sadly, rather than the 20CV they chose S30V instead.


Benchmade 698 Foray
MSRP $225
Models: 698, 698S

The 698 Foray is designed for the everyday carry set, but it looks like it would make a good gentleman’s knife as well. The pivot certainly looks classy. The blade is 3.24″ of 20CV and the black G10 scales sit atop stainless steel liners. The ambidextrous deep-carry pocket clip is set for tip-up carry.


Benchmade HUNT Crooked River 15080
MSRP: $210
Models: (15080-1, 15080-2)

Looking for all the world like a modern incarnation of the Buck 110, the Crooked River features a big 4″ S30V blade with no serrations, but it still looks slim enough to carry easily in the pocket. Take your pick of either Dymondwood or gray G10 as handle material over stainless steel liners. Anodized aluminum bolsters and an orange G10 backspacer round out the look. Reversible, tip-up pocket clip.


Benchmade 928 Proxy: Designed by Warren Osborne
MSRP $295
Models: 928, 928S

The 928 Proxy features a Monolock (Benchmade speak for framelock) titanium handle with a desert tan G-10 wrap-around (neat!) milled scale. The blade is 3.87″ CPM-20CV and available plain edge or serrated. It has a flipper opener with thrust bearing washers and an adjustable lock face for improved longevity. The pocket clip is amibidextrous with tip-up carry.


Benchmade 765 Mini Titanium Monolock
MSRP: $355
Models: 765, 765S

Essentially a scaled down version of the 761, the 765 is based around a sandblasted titanium framelock. The blade steel is M390, 3.24″ long, and rides on thrust bearing washers. The sculpted titanium clip is right-hand only, but can be set up for tip-up or tip-down carry.


Benchmade 320 Precinct: Designed by Butch Ball
MSRP: $140 – $155
Models: 320, 320S, 320BK, 320SBK

This unassisted flipper features a 3.3″ 154CM blade that rides on thrust bearing washers like the other flippers we have seen so far. The open-back G10 scales house a liner lock and a deep carry pocket clip good for tip up carry for righties and lefties.


Benchmade 908-161 Stryker II
MSRP: $600
Models: 908-161

Only one new Gold Class knife (so far) for 2016. This version of the Stryker II features milled red/black carbon fiber handle scales and red anodized hardware. The damascus steel blade is Odin Heim pattern by Damasteel.




Benchmade 490 Amicus
MSRP: $250
Models: 490, 490S

The Amicus is the first AXIS-Assist knife to feature a flipper. With an ambi deep carry clip (tip-up) and aluminum handles, the knife has discrete everyday carry in mind. The knife comes with a secondary safety lock and a 3.2″ blade of S90V.



Benchmade 4300-1 CLA Composite Light Auto
MSRP: $235
Models: 4300-1

The big news in Benchmade autos this year is the CLA, their first automatic knife with a G10 handle. The contoured scales feature a side-mounted secondary safety and ambidextrous tip-up, deep-carry pocket clip. The blade is 3.4″ of 154CM goodness.



Benchmade 3551 Stimulus: Designed by Mel Pardue
MSRP:$210 – $225
Models: 3551, 3551S, 3551BK, 3551SBK

The Stimulus is an update of the 3550 Pardue and features “improved reliability and a larger push button.” The 2.99″ 154CM spear point blade is only sharpened on one side. The reversible pocket clip is right hand only, and rides on an aluminum handle with a secondary safety lock.



Benchmade 2551 Mini-Reflex II Auto: Designed by Mel Pardue
MSRP: $210 – $225
Models: 2551, 2551S, 2551BK, 2551SBK

Another update to a Pardue automatic knife (the 2550) the Mini-Reflex II also features “improved reliability and a larger push button.” The 3.17 inch 154CM blade is a more edc friendly drop point. Like the 3550 the handle is also aluminum and contains a secondary safety lock, but the pocket clip is right-hand, tip-up only in this case.


Benchmade 9501 Next Gen Mini-Auto Stryker
MSRP: $225
Models: 9501SBK, 9501BK

Another case of continuos improvement for 2016, the 9501 features a larger and stronger lock button and increased spring force, as well as open-backed construction for the black anodized aluminum scales. The blade is still a 154CM tanto at 2.95″ long, and the clip is still tip-up for righties only.



Benchmade 167 & 169 Protagonist
MSRP: $145-$155
Models: 167BK, 167SBK, 169BK, 169SBK

Sold in conjunction with an injection molded/ballistic nylon sheath, the Protagonist is targeted at the military and LEO market. The blades are full-tang, black-coated 154CM. Available as a tanto or drop point, serrated or not, the blade length comes in at 4.54 inches. The handle scales are Grivory with a rubber overmold.


Benchmade 119 Arvensis: Design by Shane Sibert
MSRP: $200 – $215
Models: 119, 119BK, 119S, 119SBK

The beefiest new fixed blade for Benchmade this year is the Arvensis by Shane Sibert. The 6.44″ blade is over 3/16″ thick and is made of 154CM steel. The G10 scales are fastened to the tang with flared tubes and there seems to be some kind of crenelations on the protruding tang at the pommel. The included sheath is made of Boltaron and is said to have “an innovative attachment feature,” although I could not find any photos to see what that means.


Benchmade HUNT Nestucca Cleaver 15100-1
MSRP: $145
Models: 15100-1

The Nestucca Cleaver marries the traditional shape of the Inuit Ulu knife with modern S30V blade steel. The finger hole helps with more traditional grips, while the G10 scaled handle allows for chopping and cleaving grips. It will also come with a leather sheath.




Benchmade 179 SOCP Rescue Tool: Design by Greg Thompson
MSRP: $90 – $130

The SOCP Rescue Tool is a design by the creator of the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP), Greg Thompson. A revision of the 176 SOCP dagger, the 179 is designed for rescue personnel and as a less-lethal means of self defense. A rescue hook, carbide glass-breaker, and O2 wrench are on one and, with a finger loop on the opposite. Available with or without a trainer-version.



  1. duroKahn says:

    I wish Benchmade would get rid of those phalic-looking pocket clips. The 928 looks great, but that pocket clip though…

  2. James in AZ says:

    BKC got rid of the numbers on their website. Hope they get em back.

  3. Jeff says:

    Is there anywhere I can find out the release date on these knives? I really want the 698, but I’m getting a new knife soon and if like to know how long is have to wait to get one

  4. John S says:

    Truth about knives, really? How about telling the truth.
    698 Foray is an Allen Elishewitz design the previous model was the 690 series.
    The Stryker knives all of them Allen Elishewitz.
    Check out the “chat” I had with Benchmade:
    Thank you for visiting Benchmade. Have a question? We’d love to help.

    What was the “popular predecessor” to the Foray 698? You mentioned in the 698’s description?

    Corrine: Hello!

    I will be right with you

    The 690

    Why is there no mention of it being an Allen Elishewitz design?

    Corrine: The 698 is a Benchmade design<<<<<<<< Bald faced lie!

    Benchmade did not design this they modified it from the original changing the lock and clip but it's unmistakable 690 an Allen Elishewitz DESIGN

    Why isn't he given credit?

    Corrine: Correct we did not design the 690, that was in collaboration with Elishewitz, the 698 is based off the 698<<<<<<<probably mis-typed when she started getting nervous corrects later.

    He used to be a designer with us but is no longer

    Sorry the 698 is based off of the 690<<<<< SEE

    SO…the 698 IS copied from the 690 with just the change in lock and clip? Even the size is the same.

    Corrine: Please call us at 1-800-800-7427 so we can talk with you about this

    She then disconnected

  5. john davis says:

    If Benchmade is reading this, what is the chance of a mini Cross Creek? 3.25 to 3.625 in. blade?

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New Benchmade Products for 2016

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