New For 2014: Ontario SP5, Chimera

Image courtesy Ontario Knife Company

Ontario Knives is introducing several new knives this year, running the gamut from assisted-opening EDC knives to super-sized combat knives like the SP5 shown here. It’s got a 10-inch clip-point blade of 1095 carbon steel, and a Kraton handle. 

Image courtesy Ontario Knife Company

Slightly less super-sized is the new Chimera shown here. This modernized survival/combat knife has an 8.25″ blade, fashioned from Ontario’s favorite 1095 carbon steel. The handle is Kraton, because stacked leather washers are so 20th century.

Both of these knives are 100% US-made. Neither are available for sale yet, but I’ll check out all of Ontario’s new models (and ask about MSRPs) at the SHOT Show in two weeks.


  1. Mike L says:

    Will u be droppinv by the tactical knife show in LV on the 18th?

  2. Chris Dumm says:

    Unfortunately not. After almost a full week of 18-hours-a-day blogging at SHOT, I’m pretty much useless anyway. We’ll be at the BLADE show this year though.

  3. jwm says:

    That crosses the line from a knife into a short sword.

  4. Dogman says:

    My history with Ontario-made knives has been pretty disappointing. Mostly, they were dull on arrival, hard to get sharp and they don’t stay sharp. The only one I’ve ever owned that came sharp, stayed sharp and was easy to keep sharp was a RAT7 with D2 blade. But it had grip panels that fit so poorly I had to reshape them with a grinder.

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New For 2014: Ontario SP5, Chimera

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