New From Benchmade: 490 Amicus Assisted Flipper, Upgraded Griptilians


If you’re someone who’s come to think of much of Benchmade’s line as ho-hum in recent years, you’re not alone. It appears they’re trying to so something about that, though. While not earth-shattering, their new 490 assisted flipper is a good looking gentleman’s folder you’d be proud to have as an EDC option . . .

Expecting another 154CM entry? Nope. That attractive 3.2″ drop point’s made of S90V. The scales are anodized aluminum, but the big news is that this is an assisted flipper with an Axis lock.


The flipper is just the tiniest nub, but that’s all you need to trip the assist and deploy the blade. If you’re worried about the 490 opening on its own in your dungarees, there’s a safety there below the Axis lock to keep that from happening. And it has a deep carry clip that will accommodate lefties or righties. Retail will run a little over $200.


If you love your Mini Griptilian , but aren’t wowed by its 154CM steel, you now have a better option. Benchmade’s now offering Grips with vastly better CPM-20CV powdered metal steel.


Scales are G10 and don’t feel as “hollow” as those on the original Griptilians. They’ve also…hold onto your hats…added some color!


They’ve molded a blue layer into the scales along the spine and chose to use blue spacers. That’s downright daring in Benchmadeland. The’ve given the full-size Griptilians the same upgrades. Expect to pay between $70 and $90 more than the standard models.


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New From Benchmade: 490 Amicus Assisted Flipper, Upgraded Griptilians

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