New From Blind Horse Knives: The GNS Bush Knife

Yep, comedy’s hard. Just ask L.T. and Dan. But let’s focus on that blade. They’ve named their new opus the GNS which stands for Go No Show. As in All Go, No Show. Or something. Whatever, the boys at Blind Horse Knives say they designed this beauty in cooperation with Self Reliance Illustrated magazine. Resiten laminate scales. A 4.5-inch 01 tool steel blade (figure 57-61 HRC). And that beautiful double-stitched leather sheath comes with it. What’s not to love? The GNS is apparently their July monthly special, whatever that means. In any case, it looks like one helluva nice fixed blade for 115 samolians. Pic after the jump . . .


  1. Aharon says:

    Each month they feature a different knife special. Sometimes they are a take off on one of their standard knives with a unique change made to the knife. Two very knowledgeable knife friends informed me that BHK offers excellent quality hand made or assembled knives that are close to custom quality work at much lower prices.

  2. Robert says:

    I have several of their knives, one of which is my EDC (Every Day Carry) knife when I’m not working. They are great knives at a great price – – the Monthly Special is always priced below their usual prices.

  3. Aharon says:

    Last month’s special was the BHK-T2. Regular price $199 and the monthly special was $149. The knife is BHK’s tactical Tanto with a 4.5 inch blade. A friend of mine ordered it. I’ve held the knife and it is a class act. Somehow it seems like the blade is longer than 4.5 inches.

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New From Blind Horse Knives: The GNS Bush Knife

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