New From Boker: Boker Plus Federal

At a time when Americans’ trust in government institutions is at a generational low, coming out with a seksi new titanium handled flipper with carbon fiber inlays and a funky retracting clip and dubbing it the Federal seems like kind of a risky move. Then again, Boker’s a German company. Maybe attitudes are different there. Check out the tabletop vid after the press release to see that funky clip design . . .

Lakewood, Colorado (July 23, 2013) – Boker USA is pleased to offer the new Boker Plus Federal.

Custom knifemaker Gustavo Cecchini from Brazil not only designs modern and futuristic knives, he also brings new ideas when it comes to technical innovations.  The Federal folder features a unique clip design, which retracts the clip back into the handle when not in use.  The idea itself is not new, but Gustavo Cecchini found a brilliant method of execution – rather than using various small parts and tiny springs, he created a cutout in the rear handle scale, similar to a lock bar of a frame lock.  In the “neutral” position, the clip is hidden within the scale, and when needed, it can be simply pushed out like the liner of a frame lock.

The titanium handle with expressive millings features two carbon inlays, enhancing the modern design.  The 440C stainless steel blade opens with the flipper and locks with the frame lock mechanism.  The thumb notch provides added grip security.  An exceptional piece, that can’t be outperformed when it comes to reliability, simplicity and elegance.  Blade length:  3¼”.  Overall length:  8″.  Weight:  4.9 oz.  Suggested retail price:  $230.00.

The new Boker Plus Federal, model 01BO140, is available for purchase through Boker USA, Inc.  Additional information can be found at


  1. Matt in FL says:

    That’s a beefy looking flipper.

    I think the clip is neat, but I think it would end up not getting used, because you have to manipulate it literally as you’re putting it in your pocket. I can see this ending up simply sliding into my back pocket rather than clipping on.

  2. Sandman says:

    Want. I love titanium on knives.

  3. Adam says:

    Can’t decide if I like the look or not. The pocket clip is cool in theory but I’m almost positive I’d hate it in reality. 440c blade, meh. I don’t know why but the blade thickness appeals to me. I was thinking it might be a neat knife just as a collector, something unique just to have, until I saw it was $150. No, thank you, I’ll pass.

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New From Boker: Boker Plus Federal

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