New From Boker: Boker Plus Squail


Mmmmm…matte titanium bolsters. And Micarta. Tip-down carry’s a bit of a bummer, but I could get used to it. Easily. With its 4″ 440C blade, this is what you call your full-size folder. Hubba. Oh, one other thing. We weren’t familiar with the term, ‘squail.’ Here’s what offers: (skwāl) v. i. 1. To throw sticks at cocks; to throw anything about awkwardly or irregularly. Perhaps something was lost from the original German? . . .

Lakewood, Colorado (June 27, 2013) – Boker USA is pleased to offer the new Boker Plus Squail.

Charles Marlowe from Omaha, Nebraska, is famous for, among other things, his tactical knife designs that combine everyday functionality with elegance, without sacrificing function for appearance – attracting the most diverse knife enthusiasts. The Squail, with its blade length of 4″, definitely plays in the league of full sized folders.

The liner locking, 440C stainless steel blade features a generously sized opening, and a fine matte finish which harmonizes perfectly with the matte titanium bolsters. The handsome linen Micarta handle provides not only an elegant appearance, but a superior grip in all conditions. Also features a removable pocket clip (tip-down).

Blade length: 4″
Overall length: 9⅜”
Weight: 6.6 oz.
Suggested retail price: $154.95


  1. Sam L. says:

    I tried to look this up; no luck. It might be just a name.

  2. Mark Davis says:

    $154.95 for a liner lock with 440C? Seems a little pricy to me. I’m sure street price will be lower than MSRP but still…

    1. pastubbs says:

      Not really that’s just how Boker rolls 440c and a high price tag.

    2. janitor says:

      i wouldnt pay 50 bucks for a folder made of 440c

  3. Drool says:

    The fact that it is an over-seas produced Boker(not so great QC reputation) and 440c for $100 aside, this knife is sexy as a Brazilian supermodel. I really love the design. If I only had the balls to spend $2000.00 for a real Marlowe…

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New From Boker: Boker Plus Squail

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