New From Böker Plus: Kwaiken Flipper Carbon

I love the look of a carbon fiber genteleman’s knife and this new variation of the Böker Plus Kwaiken Flipper is no exception. I think it nails the slim elegant aesthetic that I enjoy in a formal knife and the materials look to be top notch. Full details after the jump.

The original liner-lock Kwaiken, designed by New Mexico knifemaker Lucas Burnley, has spun off numerous variants since its introduction. The new Kwaiken Flipper Carbon retains the 3.5″ VG10 blade and IKBS bearing blade pivot of the titanium handled version, and adds carbon fiber scales to the mix. Also unchanged from the other versions are the right-side, tip-up pocket clip and lanyard hole. This is a long folder, but quite slim and looks like it would carry very unobtrusively in a pocket, while still packing a formidable amount of blade.

The video above goes on a bit long–the narrator is out of things to say after 30 seconds–but it gives you a good view of the knife opening and closing (skip to the end to see the close).

From the product page at

The unique design by Lucas Burnley compels in this new version with its refined carbon scales and a satin-finished blade made from VG-10. The thin construction and exclusive materials make the Kwaiken Flipper Carbon into a true crossover between gentlemen’s folder and tactical knife.

Overall length: 21.5 cm
Blade length: 9.0 cm
Weight: 124 g
Blade thickness: 3.2 mm
Blade material: VG-10
Handle material: Carbon/Kohlefaser
Designer: Lucas Burnley
Lock: Liner Lock


  1. Nathan says:

    I had the plain Ti version. Good blade but the flipping motion is different from my other flippers

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New From Böker Plus: Kwaiken Flipper Carbon

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