New from Boker USA: Boker Plus Carnivore

The Boker Carnivore may change my opinion of unconventionally shaped axes.

I like traditional axe design. The explosion of tomahawk, tactical, and gimmick designs just fail to inspire me. But the new Boker Plus Carnivore looks to be a tool I would like to swing. The Carnivore, designed by Jim Burke in conjunction with bio-mechanical scientists, features an inward slanting angle that is meant to maximize impact force. The tool is designed for breaching/law enforcement use, but I can imagine many bushcraft uses as well.

From Boker USA:

Lakewood, Colorado (July 7, 2014) – Boker USA is proud to present the new Boker Plus Carnivore, designed in collaboration with Jim Burke.

Jim Burke’s past as a SWAT team member has placed him in countless situations where it was necessary to forcibly enter a room or building within seconds. His extensive experience from this, paired with his talent for knife design, brings us the ultimate tool – the Boker Plus Carnivore. Made from powder coated SK5 carbon steel and equipped with contoured G-10 scales, the Carnivore is highly effective.

Both the primary blade edge and the back tip are equally effective at working their waythrough just about any material. The slightly angled shape is the result of a biomechanicalmotion analysis conducted by Jim Burke alongside a scientist, in an attempt to obtain an optimum impact angle in relation to motion. Includes Kydex sheath. Head width: 6½”.

Blade length: 2½”. Overall length:  14¼”. Weight: 2.3 lbs. Suggested retail price: $179.95.

The Boker Plus Carnivore (model 09BO111) is now available for purchase through Boker USA, Inc.

The only issue I would have with what I see on paper are the G10 scales. While this is a durable and quality material, I would prefer micarta as I find it to be gripier – especially when wet and in an application where I am swinging a tool.


  1. GC says:

    I prefer traditional axes as well, for the combination of function and aesthetics. Boker had a carnivore on display at Blade Show and the shape of the handle was the turn off for me. The low, flat profile of the scales made me think that it would not be comfortable for doing a lot of chopping.

  2. Senna Marpat says:

    As long as it’s better than the Camillus Carnivore. We bought one of those things last year and broke it trying to cut a one inch branch…

  3. Larry says:

    Ok,I like Jim’s knives and bought one of his early folders years ago,however I can’t see this being of much use for forcing entry on anything more them a cheap interior hollow core door.

    I’ve forced 100’s of doors myself over my career as a FF on a Truck co.and frankly I’d take a size 10 boot over any small hatchet .

    If my “Irons man” ( forced entry) showed up at the door with Only that,I’d send him to go sit on the Truck while the men went to work with real tools.

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New from Boker USA: Boker Plus Carnivore

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