New from Browning: Maori-inspired Wihongi Signature series knives

New from Browning…

These may be a bit blingy-looking for my personal taste, a couple of these look like they could be pretty decent knives. I actually like the patterning on the dagger due to its symmetry, but I am not so sure about the others. They seem to be priced appropriately for the niche they are seeking.

(Note 6/3/18: I got to meet Jason Wihongi at Blade Show 2018 and handle the knives from this post. I was impressed by their feel, but more importantly, in having Jared demonstrate/explain the fighting function and philosophy behind several of blades, my opinion of them is leaps and bounds higher than my initial reaction of “crazy-looking tacticool imports from a gun company’s knife label”. That particular niche has a very mixed track record, and I erred in my initial quasi-skepticism. -HCA)

From Browning:

New for 2017 in Browning’s tactical knife line-up are the Wihongi Signature knives. These unique knives are adorned with blades etched with a Maori warrior tribal motif. This new line of tactical style knives was co-designed by Jared Wihongi and Russ Kommer. Wihongi is originally from New Zealand, home of the legendary Maori warriors, has more than 25 years of martial arts experience and is trained in the Filipino blade-fighting system of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. As a sought after instructor, Jared has worked with the U.S. Army Special Forces Groups, The DEA, Phillipine National Police Academy, Special Action Force Commandos, Marine Force Recon and Germany’s GSG-9 to name a few.

The new Wihongi Signature Dagger features a fixed double edge dagger blade design that is hollow ground and made with 7Cr17MoV stainless steel. The brushed finish 5-5/16” blade is etched with a Maori warrior tribal motif. The handle is black sculpted G-10 scales with flush fit mosaic scale pins. It features full-tang construction with stainless steel bolster and butt crown with silver accents. Included is a rugged black Kydex® sheath with slots and eyelets that attaches easily to a belt, back pack, web gear or laced to a vest. Overall length is 10-3/4”.

Suggested Retail, $79.99.

The new Wihongi Signature Attachment Folder has a folding 4” framelock hollow ground blade made of 7Cr17MoV stainless steel. The handle has an aircraft grade aluminum frame with titanium finish with interchangeable G-10 and carbon fiber grip inserts with engraved Buckmark. Anti-skid grooves on the blade spine and pocket clip are also featured. Overall length is 8-3/4”.

Suggested Retail, $39.99.

The Wihongi Signature Series Tomahawk has a tactical tomahawk blade that is made of

1/4” thick, 420 stainless steel. It has a semi-sharpened blade edge on the spike end. Lightening holes provide improved balance. The brushed finish blade is etched with Maori warrior tribal motif. The sturdy handle is attached to a forked tang and attached with three flush mount screws and is cord wrapped for a secure grip. A rugged Kydex® belt sheath is supplied. Overall length is 13” with a 2-7/8” blade length.

Suggested Retail, $69.99.

For more information on Browning products, please visit the website at

I do have a jade Maori fish-hook that I wear. I put it on the morning my daughter was born, and I haven’t removed it since.

As far as the knives, suffice it to say my next purchase from Browning will be a Buckmark pistol, not one of these.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I rather like the little kukhri, and I agree the pricing seems reasonable. Not gonna buy one, though.

  2. cmeat says:

    the buckmark is a fine thing. maybe nicer than my mkll. i’d like one, but first i’ll find a woodsman and then an old hi- standard.

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New from Browning: Maori-inspired Wihongi Signature series knives

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