New From Buck: 3.25″ Spitfire

Image courtesy Buck Knives

Buck Knives pretty much nailed it back in 1964 with their iconic Model 110 Folding Hunter, and it’s been the basis for countless knives since then. Buck’s new Spirfire lockback uses the same locking mechanism, and it debuted at the 2013 SHOT Show.

It’s got a slim aluminum handle and a reversible/ambidextrous belt clip for your favorite method of EDC carry. The 3.25″ blade is made from Buck’s seemingly-favorite 420HC steel, and can be had with or without partial serrations. The thumb-opening hole won’t tear up your pants like a sharp thumb-stud can, although my experience is that some thumb-opening holes don’t provide quite enough grip for positive opening.

When we test one, we’ll let you know for sure, but at a street price of just $35 this knife looks worth a try. As long as your jurisdiction allows EDC blades longer than 3 inches…


  1. jwm says:

    Several years ago I bought a new buck pocket knife, my first in many years. After I bought it and got it home I noticed, on the reverse of the blade that had “Buck” stamped on it, “China”. I was unhappy and my new buck knife was deposited in the junk drawer, where it resides today.

    1. Chuck K says:

      The cheaper Bucks you see in Walmart, etc are usually made in China, but the better ones are still made here. The spitfire shown above is not expensive but it is made in the USA.

  2. pastubbs says:

    The buck vantage pro is a much better offering from them at around $45 for the small and $55 for the large. And you get S30v blade steel not many knives in that price range have a “premium blade steel”. Hands down one of the best EDC blades for the price. And for a little more you can get G10 handles. I have the small one its one of my most used knives its cheap enough that I don’t mind beating it up and its small and light enough to carry every day.

    I do like the look of these though maybe if they become popular enough they’ll make a higher end version.

  3. Robert Harkness says:

    I do like this knife. Rock solid lockup with no blade play up or down or sideways. The blade takes a good edge and holds it for a decent amount of time. It’s a bit harder to sharpen due to the blade’s recurve, but quite doable with a rod sharpener. It’s in my EDC rotation alongside my Spyderco Tenacious and Kershaw Volt SS. It’s a good light duty knife which I use for slicing fruit and vegetables, opening mail, cutting up cardboard, and, occasionally cleaning fish. The handle fits my hand very well and has no hotspots when cutting cardboard for an extended period. The knife appears to be well built and should last for years.

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New From Buck: 3.25″ Spitfire

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