New from Buck: 737 and 738 TRX archery multi-tools


Buck has released two new archery-specific multi-tools.

I spent a couple of summers teaching archery at Beaumont Scout Reservation in Rock Creek, Ohio. I have been shooting a bow since I was about 10, but never competitively nor have I had a deer wander into bow range for my 48# draw Bob Lee recurve.

I have always shot instinctual, and only on traditional bows. So the new archery multitools are probably overkill for me. I need a single hex wrench to attach my bow’s limbs. But if I had cams, pulleys, and sights to deal with, I would grab one in a heartbeat.

From Buck via TheOutdoorWire:

As a leader in sports cutlery, Buck Knives is committed to providing hunters with a wide range of tools. For those looking to maintain peak bow performance, Buck’s Bow Tool line was designed as a multipurpose tool for the archer and is packed with all the right elements for the field.

The 738 Bow TRX comes complete with eight torx drivers, a Phillips #2 screwdriver, a set of scissors, 2″ blade, and a separate broadhead wrench tool. The broadhead wrench tool features a triangle hole, hex holes and fits 2, 3, and 4 blade broadheads. The Bow TRX is perfect for adjusting draw weight, tightening stabilizers, adding accessories, broadhead tip removal and other preventative maintenance. Imported

BU0737BKSa (1)

The 737 (seen here) comes with hex wrenches

The 737 Bow Tool, although originally released in 2015, has been updated and now comes with a heavy duty polyester sheath and a broadhead wrench. This model features ten separate allen hex drivers, a Phillips screwdriver, a set of scissors, and a 2″ blade. The convenient, compact size allows for easy carry in your bow case or pack. Imported

Each Bow Tool is convenient and compact, allowing for easy carry in the bow case or pack. Each model has a MSRP of $50 and is backed by Buck’s famous Forever Warranty.

Another new entry for hunters is the 135 PakLite® Trophy Kit, which includes the lightweight 135 PakLite caper and new 141 PakLite Large Skinner with guthook. Constructed of 420HC steel and packed in a convenient compact sheath, both knives were designed to make the task of harvesting convenient and hassle-free. The minimalist design makes the entire set extremely lightweight. MSRP: $70. Made in the USA

Contact: Rachel Rogers
Marketing & Communications Coordinator


  1. Zach Snyder says:

    Definitely cool! As an avid bow hunter I could certainly see this tool as a benefit. Right along the same line of thinking as the Gerber eFect AR multi tool, very task specific. Would love to have one of these to throw in the bow case instead of 3/4 different tools bouncing around in there.

    1. actually, the 738 TRX wouldn’t be bad in a Jeep bag.

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New from Buck: 737 and 738 TRX archery multi-tools

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