New from Buck: Spitfire EDC Knife



Buck Knives is introducing a brand new every day carry locking folder called the 722 Spitfire. It sports an aluminum grip and a very nicely curved blade. I really like it. And seeing as it’s 100% Made in the USA and being sold for around $50, it looks like a real winner. Naturally we’ve asked for one to test out and we’ll keep you informed . . .


  1. Doug D says:

    Looks nice… cant wait to see it in hand 🙂

  2. LouB says:

    Do they have any assisted openers? That is a requisite for my EDC.

  3. Blademan48 says:

    I own the Buck 722 Spitfire – Orange. I bought it not long after it came out. It was razor sharp out of the box, feels good in the hand and not to heavy for an EDC knife. I really like the way it looks and have had no performance issues with the knife. The only mark against it That I have is that it has a little up and down blade play. However I hear that that is common for some lock back knives. You can pick one up now for around $35.00.
    They’re still a popular knife. I know, I own an online knife store and have a hard time getting them in stock. It’s a classy looking knife.

    C & H Blades

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New from Buck: Spitfire EDC Knife

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