New from Cold Steel: Code 4 Carry Folders and More


Cold Steel is here at the NRA Annual Meeting, and they’re showing off their new Code 4 locking folding knives. These knives come in a variety of blade geometry configurations, but they are all 4 inches long, use a standard locking mechanism, and are housed in a set of aluminum grips. Dan and I were salivating over these new knives so much that RF actually plunked down the plastic and picked up one each for us to test out (the T&E models are still a ways off). Also in the case . . .


This MASSIVE trench knife. The blade is a solid chunk of steel, along with the post on the end, and the grip appears to be aluminum (yet still solid enough to knock some teeth out). They make no bones about it, this knife is designed to kill people. And it looks to be designed to do that job well.


Also in the prototype phase is this massive knife, a full tang design with a finish that is so hard that the Cold Steel guys claim you can take other knives and scratch it against the side of the thing, and the only thing that will happen is you’ll need to wipe the remains of the other knife off it.


And then there’s this Counter Point XL. It is WELL over 6 inches, closer to a full foot long in fact. They say the pivot and locking mechanism still needs work, but it should be available for sale shortly.


  1. jwm says:

    A foot long folder? Why?

    1. Kahless1984 says:

      Just like anything else – because they could!
      Desert Eagle of the knife world?

    2. Stinkeye says:

      The question “Why?” doesn’t seem to ever occur to the dudes at Cold Steel, but it comes to my mind for about 60% of their product line…

    3. Mark Davis says:

      I like the look of the Code 4! It reminds me of their old-style Voyagers, which were terrific. (Too bad they redesigned the Voyager line a couple of years ago). The Code 4 had a similar lock but better handle ergos. I’m looking forward to a full review.

    4. Mark Davis says:

      Why a foot long folder? Well, there’s the novelty factor, of course. But there are also some jurisdictions that have relaxed laws for folders but strict laws about fixed blades. California comes to mind. I can carry any size folder in CA (according to state law), but it gets a lot weirder if I’m carrying a fixed blade, which the state considers a dagger or dirk. Combine that with asinine gun laws, and it sometimes makes sense to carry a large folder in lieu of a gun or a fixed blade. Oh, and don’t bother dissing CA – you’re preaching to the choir.

      1. jwm says:

        I live in California also. I walk around in shorts about 80% of the time. My edc is a Kershaw assisted opener with a slightly less than 4 inch blade. That’s about the most I want to carry unless I’m in the hills.

        1. Sinkon says:

          i’d do the same +1

      2. Dyspeptic says:

        “I can carry any size folder in CA”

        Didn’t know that. My EDC knife these days is a CRKT Lift-Off (3.5″ blade). Nice knife for the money. I got it for next to nothing at Big 5. I have been wondering about it’s legality though. I would imagine Cali has more restrictive local laws in places like La La Land and Sodom by the Sea. Guess I need to acquaint myself with the knife laws in the Land of The Lotus Eaters.

        1. Mark Davis says:

          You’re correct, local laws can be more restrictive than California state law.

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New from Cold Steel: Code 4 Carry Folders and More

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