New From Cold Steel: Honkin’ Huge Pole-Axe

Image courtesy Cold SteelThere are some applications where a neck-knife or EDC folder just won’t cut it, and chopping through the plate-mail armor of a mounted enemy is one of them. If this is part of your job description, the new Cold Steel Pole Axe may be just the tool you need.

The $149 Pole Axe has an ash handle and a 1055 carbon steel hawk. It’s over six feet long and weighs nearly seven pounds and, unlike The Bride’s katana in Kill Bill, Vol. 1, you’ll definitely have to pack it with your checked bags. Your really long checked bags. Despite its recent introduction and questionable defensive practicality, the Cold Steel website already lists it as ‘sold out.’

Image courtesy Cold Steel

It’s just my $.02 here, but methinks it’s a little too short for real ‘standoff’ engagements and a little too long for CQB work. A crossed pair of them would look awesome on the wall above my fireplace, however…


  1. Phydeaux says:

    Cold Steel is one of my favorite edged weapons companies because they make such a broad range of things. I can’t see how many of their products, like this one, ever turn a profit. The fact that they’re still in business says that they’ve figured something out about that.

  2. Brian.Z says:

    I would love to see a review of their Gurkha Kukri Kraton Handle knife, especially a comparison between their lower priced version and the higher priced one.

  3. DrewN says:

    I have never heard one good thing about the Cold Steel kukri’s. Just get a real one. . Even if the steel might be suspect, they are still cooler.

  4. Matt in FL says:

    I just don’t get it, but don’t let me stop you.

  5. jwm says:

    Ultimate zombie weapon?

  6. travis m. says:

    It can be used for CQB, if you know how to use a staff. That said, it would be more effective if it had a spike at the top so that you could use it more like a spear… and a spear would probably be more effective in home defense…

  7. Derek says:


    A foot long, 3-4″ wide spear point would be a whole lot more practicle on the end of that pole.

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New From Cold Steel: Honkin’ Huge Pole-Axe

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