New From CRKT: Eat’n Tool XL Tactical Spork

Image Courtesy CRKT

A decent survival knife can cut a seatbelt, smash a car window and split kindling, but it sucks for eating Dinty Moore Beef Stew from the can. I do a lot of highway traveling for work, and I’ve had to consider the possibility of spending a night or two stuck in a snowbank somewhere between civilization and Spokane. My winter survival bag has a knife (or three), a P-38 can opener and a spare tablespoon from the kitchen. If I’d known about this CRKT Tactical Spork, I could have saved it some space and weight.

Okay, it’s not really called a tactical spork. It’s actually called the Eat’n Tool XL, and it’s a larger version of CRKT’s original diminutive Eat’n Tool. The XL’s extra-long spoon handle will give you the power to stir hot foods without burning your fingers, and to reach down into those stew cans and sauerkraut jars to grab every last bite.

Used as a Tactical Spork, however, it will also allow you to stealthily gouge out the eyeballs of enemy sentries and then pop open their bottles of beer for a post-infiltration libation.

The power of the Eat’n Tool XL can be yours for about $15. Whether you use it for good or evil is up to you.


  1. ChuckN says:

    He he tacti-spork.

  2. More tricked out than my TAD Titanium Spork
    (I got it as a Groomsman’s gift).

    1. However, when paired with the LaRue Tactical Beverage Entry Tool I have my bases covered:

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New From CRKT: Eat’n Tool XL Tactical Spork

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