New From CRKT: Ken Onion Hi Jinx

First World Problem: You are a business executive who has to wear a suit to work, but you just can’t stand to be without an EDC knife. Sure, you could slip a small Case or other thumb-nick style folder in your pocket where it can rattle around with keys, scratch a phone or jab you in the thigh when you sit down . No thanks. There is a reason that most of us prefer the comfort and ease of a pocket clip knife. When it is tucked safely and comfortably out of the way, on can carry a larger knife that could be useful in a defensive situation as well.

Ken Onion wanted to solve this conundrum. And if you have $500 to drop on an EDC knife, you can carry his answer – the new CRKT Hi Jinx.

While it was introduced last month, CRKT just released the above video where Ken himself demos the knife and describes his design inspiration for the knife. For those who don’t feel like watching the video, here is a nutshell description.

The knife is made in Italy by craftsmen, not in a giant factory. The scales are titanium, with a slightly rounded, and slightly hollowed for further weight reduction and comfort. The knife is a frame-lock, which means the scale presses in to lock the knife when open. The blade is made from Bohler Udderholm Sleipner, a 3rd generation powder steel, similar to D2 with a hardness of 68-64 HRC. The knife is carried in a tip-up position, and the clip is elegant and refined – meant to look more like a high end pen than a knife. Very discrete for office carry.

The lines are very classy. Combined with the premium materials and workmanship, the CRKT Hi Jinx is what the discriminating gentleman will be clipping to his pocket.


  1. Pashtun 6 says:

    Oooooo. Shiny

    Another option is the Emerson A 100 model

  2. John F. MacMichael says:

    That is one sweet looking knife. God knows it is out of my budget but maybe if I hit the lottery…?

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New From CRKT: Ken Onion Hi Jinx

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