New from Irwin Tools: A Vise-Grip multi-tool. (updated)


Not exactly designed for pocket carry, but I could see it being useful in a truck box. Maybe.

I am not sure if this is an “object of desire” or “from the depths of uselessness”. I actually like the concept of the Vise-Grip Multiplier, namely adding a couple of common tools to what I regard as one of the indispensable tools I own. From where I sit, I can see four pairs of Vise-Grips clipped to my workshop’s pegboard. I know that I have others in my rolling toolbox, Jeep tool-kit, and in my boat. That is not including numerous Irwin Quick-Grips, and other clamps I use in woodworking and 4 wheeling. You can never have too many clamps.


I can fix a Jeep, or stab zombies.

My biggest issue is that the knife blade looks to be awkwardly located. On the plus side, you should be able to get a heck of a grip on the split handles. The screwdriver socket looks to be more practical.

From Popular Mechanics:

“The company says the tool is a twist on standard multi-purpose tools in that it’s designed with an emphasis on the needs of tradesmen and homeowners doing mechanical work, rather than for camping, hunting or fishing. They don’t need all the bells, whistles, cork screws, and saw blades. What they need to do is clamp, cut, and fasten or loosen.”

I would like to try the tool and see how funky the ergonomics are. However, I have never been impressed with the pliers on Leatherman style multitools. That is definitely not the shortcoming of this particular tool.

Update 12pm:

Doug Ritter dropped me a note tipping me off to a similar offering by Leatherman, the Crunch. I admit to not having noticed it in the past.

It adds a file, separate screwdrivers rather than a socket, and the knife seems to be more ergonomically located. It seems to me that the Leatherman is a better multitool, and not as robust of a set of pliers, rather than a great pair of locking pliers with a less useful multitool arrangement.


Leatherman Crunch


  1. Sam L. says:

    Reminds me of a card I found at our post office. Shows pigs with big C-clamps on them. Text: If you’re happy, clamp your hams.

    I’d take the Leatherman, too, but I have two, and a Vise-Grip.

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New from Irwin Tools: A Vise-Grip multi-tool. (updated)

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