New From Leatherman: Leap Multitool For Children

Image courtesy LeathermanLeatherman is just releasing their new Leap multitool, designed specifically for young tinkerers and DIY’ers. And, lest your youngster leave it in his school backpack, it won’t have a knife blade until you install it yourself.

The Leap is much smaller than it appears in this picture, with a total length of less than three inches closed. Inside that tiny space Leatherman packs a tiny saw, screwdrivers, tweezers, ruler, and of course pliers. The bottle opener is a bit of a puzzler, but whatever. Gotta open Dad’s beer for him sometimes, I guess.

The little 420HC sheepsfoot knife blade is user-installable, so you can leave it off the tool until your child is ready for it.

Price: TBD.


  1. Jon says:

    So not only for kids, but a perfect addition to my key chain!!

  2. Roger says:

    It’s already on my gift list for my future nephew.

  3. dph says:

    Maybe those bottle openers are there just because they take up no space and they allow Leatherman to say they have X amount of tools on their Multitool. Either way Leatherman has come a long way from their first Multitool, of which I have several.

  4. tbhride says:

    Leave the blade off and you also have a TSA friendly travel tool!

  5. Pencotron says:

    This is perfect for my son. Would the saw blade get you in trouble in a “No Knife” zone?

    1. Roger says:

      Probably. No way you’d be able to get on a plane with it too.

      1. Sam L. says:

        You could cut someone’s throat with that saw! Or jugular.

      2. tbhride says:

        Hmm… you are probably right about that Roger. Guess I’ll stick with my Style PS.

        1. Roger says:

          TBH, I feel like Leatherman dropped the ball on the saw if it’s not like the knife blade. Perfect anti-zero tolerance policy tool for kids. But there’s no way that saw flies under the radar under close inspection.

  6. 2hotel9 says:

    I don’t know, think a regular size one would be just as well for a younger person. They are pretty bloody small already!

  7. Dan l says:

    The way I read the tsa rules u can carry decent sized tools on a plane just not a knife. I haven’t tried a knife less multitool on a flight yet but I will see what happens eventually. I think it all comes down to enforcement and also if they even see it, if it’s in your carry on. Many of the knife less multitool say tsa a proved but who knows…

  8. CB says:

    I have traveled with a knifeless multi tool on several flights and I have only had it give close inspection once. Being the TSA they required instruction on how to open it, but it added no more than 2-3 minutes to my travel time.

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New From Leatherman: Leap Multitool For Children

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