New from Morakniv: The Eldris

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The Morakniv Eldris: Good things come in small packages

The new Morakniv Eldris is a big knife in a small package. It is a homely little thing, even by Mora standards, but there is something about it I find appealing. It is a fairly well-established practice for woodsmen to carry multiple knives, because frankly there are times when a 6″+ bushcraft blade will be unwieldy.

Enter the Eldris, a versatile new knife from Morakniv of Sweden.

Morakniv Eldris is a pocket size fixed blade knife that will amaze you with its versatility. The knife has a precision blade and ground spine compatible with a fire starter. It’s compact design and all-round convenience will make you love it right away and you’ll never leave the house without it, making your Morakniv a part of you.

The blade is 2 mm thick and 56 mm long (or in this case short). It is made of high-quality Swedish stainless steel (12C27) that is treated to the highest quality in our own factory. Add to this the convenient size of the blade, suitable for many outdoor tasks encountered on the hike as well as the camping or hunting trip. A secure grip of two different polymers and a click locks makes it safe to handle. Perfect for both new and more experienced explorers.

The Eldris seems like it would be a good choice for those who are able and interested in a fixed blade for EDC. 56mm/2.2″ is enough blade for most EDC tasks, and is significantly more burly than most folders of similar length. While not by any stretch a wood processing knife, it seems like you could abuse it more than most 2″ knives as well.


  • 1. Coil shape
    The coil shape in the heart of the knife is strongly related to the heritage of Morakniv. The knife with the red coil shaped handle is probably as well known as the famous Dala horse in Sweden.
  • 2. Pattern
    The rhombus pattern is a traditional pattern that is present in many variations in Mora and the region of Dalarna. In the handle, the pattern provides a significantly improved grip.
  • 3. Scandi grind
    The knife is grinded with a scandi grind which makes it easy to keep sharp.
  • 4. Blade finish
    The blade has a semi-matte finish appreciated among the outdoor community.
  • 5. Steel
    The blade is 2 mm thick and 56 mm long (or in this case short). It is made of high-quality Swedish stainless steel (12C27) that is treated to the highest quality in our own factory.
  • 6. Hole
    The rear part of the handle has a hole for fastening a Lanyard, rope or other gadgets according to preference.
  • 7. Secure grip
    The outer shell is made of TPE, a rubbery polymer that provides a firm and secure grip. The core of the handle, visible in the barrel shape, is made of polypropylene. It is a polymer that makes the knife and the handle very rugged
  • 8. Handle shape
    The symmetrical handle allows flexible use of the knife with a two-way fit in the sheath. The drop design on the back is big enough to keep the knife steady in your hand
  • 9. Grinded spine
    The spine of the blade is ground to make the edge perfect for use with a fire starter. This means that you do not need to use the edge of the blade when starting your fire, which makes your knife stay sharp for longer.
  • 10. Pocket size
    The knife’s design makes it a more durable and rough option to a folding knife. When our knife is placed in the sheath it is small enough to be carried in a pocket. And when used, the feeling of working with a fixed blade knife is simply unprecedented.

Definitely a knife I want to get my hands on.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I’d really like to know the overall sizes of the 3 knives.

  2. I_Like_Pie says:

    Oh man…Once they hit amazon or ebay they will be mine.

  3. Dave says:

    Looking for info on the purpose behind the bizarre grind on this knife.

    It’s like a Scandinavian relief edge with a hint of a sabre relief edge ground into the belly to the tip.

    And it does not have a Scandinavian grind it has a micro bevel …

  4. Peter Kennedy says:

    I’ve been using mine lately for light tasks around the house. I wanted to pass on what I learned today whilst cutting heavy cardboard. I inserted the sheath over the back of the grip which increased the grip considerably and added leverage. It worked fine and was secure.

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New from Morakniv: The Eldris

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