New from Pop’s Custom Clips: Hogue X-5 Titanium Deep-carry Clip

Hogue X-5

Allen Elishewitz tipped me a Hogue X-5 when I took him flyfishing earlier this year. He had warned me that he was not happy about the clip, and that a communication breakdown led to its being used on the X-5. Despite his warning, I was still surprised by how much I disliked it. It was too narrow for canvas shorts, and consequently it wouldn’t fit all the way in my pocket unless I jammed it in to the point it became difficult to draw.  I knew it needed an upgrade.

Ever since my friend Scott sent me my first Pop’s Custom Clip (for my Kershaw Leek), I have been a huge fan. Pops sent me one for my Benchmade Mini-Grip gratis, and I have purchased another Leek clip and one for my Blur with my own money as well. I didn’t see the X-5 on Pop’s list of models, so I gave John (Pops) a call.

He has several Hogue models in his linup, but no X-5. I offered to send him the knife and he said he would make a clip for it. It arrived today, in powder-coated titanium. It is a huge improvement. It works as well as I could hope in the 6 hours or so I have been wearing it. Plus, it looks properly proportioned to the knife. I think the stock clip looks too dinky for such a substantial knife.

In the interest of disclosure, John sent me this clip gratis, as well as another Leek clip to replace one I lost. However, John is now able to offer deep-carry clips for the X-5, once I give him a bit of feedback on this one. I doubt I will have much to add, I think he nailed it.

I am thrilled because I really like the X-5 but disliked the clip so much that I took it off and put a paracord loop on the knife. As this isn’t my favorite arrangement, I often opted for another EDC choice. Now I plan on carrying the X-5 all weekend at BLADE.


You can see the Pop’s Custom Clips Etsy Store here.

You can see the latest list of clip models here.





  1. Your style of carrying Hogue X-5 looks interesting..

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New from Pop’s Custom Clips: Hogue X-5 Titanium Deep-carry Clip

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