New From SOG: Flashback 3.25″ Assisted Opener

Image: SOG Knives

SOG’s new Flashback claims to be one of the world’s fastest assisted-opening knves. How SOG measures this speed (peak blade tip speed at opening? Average opening time from fully closed to locked open?) is left to our imagination. How much is speed worth to you?

It doesn’t have to be worth an arm and a leg, since the new Flashback has a street price of about $75.00. That sliding lock button behind the pivot looks just a bit like a Benchmade Axis lock, but SOG’s presser describes it as a ‘piston lock’ which sounds completely different.

A fast assisted-opening mechanism sounds good to me, and so does a TiNi-coated AUS 8 blade and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip. For just $75, about the only fly in my ointment is the manual locking safety, which really shouldn’t be necessary on a well-designed assisted opener.

If the quality is anything like the SOG Seal Pup I’m testing right now, this could be a really cool knife. You’ll be the first to know if I get my hands on one.


  1. Nathan says:

    I’m excited but not too excited about this. SOGs are fast, but I don’t know about the fastest. The piston lock only looks like the Axis lock, but locks and functions differently

  2. MW says:

    The SEAL and SEAL pup knives are fine, but I’ve never been very impressed with SOG’s folders.

  3. Bryan P says:

    I am very interested in this. I had a Sog Flash II which was a great knife. I ended up giving it to my wife and getting a CRKT though. This might just give me an excuse to get another for EDC.

  4. NavyRetGold says:

    Just from looking at the picture, I am guessing it has a plastic handle wrapped in a sheetmetal cover? Maybe that’s better than their other models which only have the plastic handle, but I wouldn’t spend money to find out. Not a fan of R. Lee Ermey shilling for them either. I would rather spend money on a cheap Chinese Kershaw than something like this. $75 seems a bit much for a SOG-quality folder. Their corporate web page lists MSRP $115, but then MSRP’s have become something of a joke industry-wide. I have no experience with their fixed blade models, so I’ll reserve judgement there.

    1. Matt in FL says:

      Yeah, I hope that handle is better than it looks, because it doesn’t look too good.

      1. jwm says:

        Yo, Matt. Off topic, but every time I try to acces TTAG I get a Server Not Found reply. Is it me or is there a problem with the site?

        1. Matt in FL says:

          Overnight snafu. Fix is up, may take a while to propagate to everyone.

        2. jwm says:

          Thanx, jonesing real bad. Haven’t been in a pissing contest since yesterday.

    2. Noah L says:

      The handle is glass filled nylon wrapped in aluminum.

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New From SOG: Flashback 3.25″ Assisted Opener

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