New From SOG: Zoom Mini, Double Key Tool

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

SOG was one of the few knifemakers to actually set up a demonstration booth at the SHOT Show Media Day At The Range. I couldn’t linger long there, but I did check out their new Zoom Mini (shown here) and a few other new blades.

Image courtesy SOG Knives

The Zoom Mini assisted opener comes with a deep-carry pocket clip (which I loved), an aluminum frame and a 3.15″ AUS-8 blade. The blade is just a little shorter than the original Zoom’s 3.6 inches, and it comes with or without partial serrations in black or satin finishes. The frame comes only in black.

The Zoom Mini isn’t in stock yet, but SOG expects to list it at about $100.

Image courtesy SOG

At the far cheaper end of the blade spectrum, SOG has also updated their too-useful-to-be-a-novelty Key Knife. Clay reviewed the original last summer and really liked it as a letter and box opener that’s always in your pocket.

SOG is nudging the key knife into the Victorinox Solitaire market niche by adding a small nail file. YMMV as to whether or not this adds much functionality, but SOG left the price unchanged at less than $10 so what’s to complain about?


  1. billdeserthills says:

    I bought a few of the SOG key knives when they first came out because the TSA was supposedly gonna begin allowing them on airplanes. Well that didn’t work out & now I am stuck with a junky little knife that doesn’t have a nail file-Thanx SOG, you bastards suckered me good, but Never Again in my shop.

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New From SOG: Zoom Mini, Double Key Tool

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