New Knives from Hogue Debut at SHOT Show


By Jeremy S.

That’s right, the same Hogue Inc. we know and trust for firearm grips branched into knives a few years ago and currently offers a selection of folders, fixed blades, and even a sweet looking tomahawk. At SHOT Show 2016 I got the lowdown on three of the new models, including Hogue’s first OTF . . .

First up is the EX-05, which is another Allen Elishewitz design that Hogue has licensed (or partnered with Elishewitz in creating). It’s a sleek folder with a modified Wharncliffe blade, a smooth flipper action, and a push-button lock release. The slider seen behind that button is used to firmly lock the blade in the extended position.


Blade metal is cryogenically treated 154CM, which I believe is the case for most or all of Hogue’s folders.


They were also showing off their first OTF — or Out The Front, aka “switchblade” — knife. Like the Microtech Scarab I once owned, it’s a double action design. Push forwards on the thumb button and the blade shoots out.


Pull back on the thumb button and it shoots back in. The laws on automatic knives as well as those that specifically single out “switchblades” really need to go. This is the easiest, safest possible way to deploy and retract a blade.


Next we checked out a large, fixed-blade survival knife called the EX-F01. It’s available with either a 5.5″ or 7″, quarter inch-thick, cryo-treated A2 tool steel blade.


But a survival knife needs a compartment for your fishing line and matches and such, right? Although not a speedy solution, the EX-F01 covers this base with a hollowed-out area in the frame under the grip scales. A Torx wrench clicks into the front of the left side scale for use in the scale’s removal and exposure of the internal compartment.


And finally, this one isn’t new but it’s my personal EX-02 with G10 scales that I picked up to go with my SP-01 and AR-15 grips. I’ll type up a full review on it soon.


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New Knives from Hogue Debut at SHOT Show

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