New TTAK Writer Introduction: Nathan

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Hey guys! You might have noticed there was a new name at the top of the Endura review. My name is Nate. I’m 19, almost 20 years old. I work in a grocery store, which allows me to use my knives to a fair degree. I wouldn’t say I hard-use my knives, but they do get a work out. I’ve only been addicted to knives for about a year and a half. I currently live in California, but am moving to Wyoming in two months to go to college there.

Make the jump for more, and a free photographic reminder of why not to screw around with a knife in your hand…

I have a couple more reviews coming up, starting with the SOG Flash I. Until then, I will share some advice I learned the hard way. Do not do stupid stuff with your knives! Sure, accidents will happen when you use knives, but they can be reduced by not doing stupid things.

Image courtesy Nathan

I did this at work, with my Kershaw Skyline. I was messing around, cutting crap that I was holding in my hand. It was sliced open, holding on literally by a thread. It took me nearly a half hour to patch up. I still had a majority or the day to get through. Luckily I knew first aid; my coworkers were just standing around while I was patching myself up. This has been the only thing I’ve been disciplined for at this job, and I haven’t messed around with knives (at work) since then.

Editor: What can possibly be better than a good volunteer writer with a solid collection of knives to review? The same good writer with a lot of knives to review and an infinite supply of cardboard to test them on! Let’s give a warm welcome to Nathan, the newest addition to our writer’s bullpen.


  1. Aharon says:

    Welcome Nathan. I look forward to reading your reviews. I feel for your injury. When I was 18 years old I slashed open my leg with a Gerber MK II Commando Knife. It took a trip to the ER and many stitches.

  2. Chris Dumm says:

    I used up a lot of Band-Aids before I decided that butterfly knives were not for me.

  3. Mark Davis says:

    Welcome Nathan. I enjoyed your Endura review. I think we’ve all got a few scars from doing stupid things with sharp blades. (Which is probably why most of my clients don’t allow knives on their construction sites).

    My worst boo-boo was from a Benchmade AFCK that I was using as a pry bar. (Yeah, I did say “stupid things with sharp blades”). Anyway, there I was, applying a lot of pressure to the back of the blade and it closed on my hand. Wow, I’ll never do that again! I had used a Delica in the exact same manner and the lock held solid, so I figured the liner-lock Benchmade would be OK. Big mistake. I’ve never trusted liner locks since. Which is probably not fair, but hey…

    1. Nathan says:

      That sucks. I’d say a liner lock would be fine in cutting jobs, as long as it’s from a good company

  4. Sam L. says:

    Never did anything that big.

  5. Dennis Wilson says:

    thanks Nathan, I bought an spyderco endura plain edge because of your review and recommendation. I love it.

  6. OODAloop says:

    Welcome Nathan. I love the Endura and currently carry an Emerson Wave Delica. Glad to see that you have 1st Aid skills and a healthy respect for a sharp knife. It’s good to see reviews from the POV of someone who uses them as the tools they are. Yep, some are absolutely gorgeous, but they all serve a purpose, all have a job to do. Can’t wait to see more real-world reviews….

  7. Bill says:

    At a backcountry campsite on Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone, I was slicing cheese with my Gerber pocketknife. I sliced about a third of the pad of my left index finger nearly off — it was hanging by a thread. My first aid did not save the pad, and I had to slice off the thread about a week later, resigned to a deformed finger.

    The good news: the finger pad regenerated, just like a lizard tail! For a long time finger pad was flat on one side, but you’d have a hard time telling the finger from one that’s always been intact.

  8. Arthur Rouse says:

    Welcome to new TTAK Writer…..Nathan. Hi Nathan. How are you? Hope you are fine. I seem to be ahead to understanding your Endura reviews and sense for your wound. I love your story and had great journey to Wyoming.

    Thanks Nathan!

    I Love Folding Plain Edge FRN Knife.

    Gun Holsters Unlimited

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New TTAK Writer Introduction: Nathan

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